May 21, 2024

DM Auto boss makes case for CNG-powered vehicles


By Theodore Opara

The Chairman/ CEO of DM Auto company Nigeria Ltd, Prince Emmanuel Etuk, has urged Nigerians to embrace the CNG-powered vehicles to save costs of running their automobiles.

According to the DM Auto Company boss: “The CNG initiative has a significant impact on the overall cost of transportation for Nigerians in several ways.

“Firstly, CNG is generally more affordable than traditional fuels such as petrol and diesel. This means that vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) offer cost savings for both individual consumers and businesses, as the fuel itself is less expensive.”

Additionally, the use of CNG-powered vehicles can lead to long-term cost savings for consumers due to the improved fuel efficiency of CNG engines.

“This means that drivers can travel greater distances on a smaller amount of fuel, ultimately reducing their overall fuel expenses.

“Moreover, the CNG initiative can contribute to a reduction in transportation costs by promoting the development of a more diverse and competitive fuel market. By introducing an alternative fuel option, the initiative creates opportunities for increased competition among fuel providers, potentially leading to lower fuel prices and improved affordability for consumers.

“Furthermore, the reduced environmental impact of CNG-powered vehicles can have indirect cost-saving benefits for Nigerians. By mitigating air pollution and its associated health impacts, the initiative can lead to potential savings in healthcare costs and productivity gains due to a healthier population.

“Overall, the CNG initiative has a positive impact on the overall cost of transportation for Nigerians by offering a more affordable fuel option, promoting fuel efficiency, fostering competition in the fuel market, and potentially leading to indirect cost savings through improved environmental and public health outcomes.”

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