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April 2, 2024

Vanguard Personality of the Year: Titilope Ejimagwa, Woman with the midas touch

Vanguard Personality of the Year: Titilope Ejimagwa, Woman with the midas touch

By Morenike Taire

Everything Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa touches turns to gold, or so it seems. This includes the 10 or so multi level marketing companies she engaged in at one time or the other, excelling in every single one of them while making one million millionaires out of her 10 million downlines. 

So, when she divested into other industries such as agric, finance and real estate, players in those industries immediately felt the impact of her arrival. “Wife, mother, entrepreneur, Longrich Global Ambassador” are some of the words by which Titilope Ejimagwa describes herself.

But the fearless bundle of beauty, brains and energy is those things and a whole lot more. A proven marketing genius, she is called the ‘Mother of Network Marketing in Africa’ for the fact that she is the most successful marketer to emerge from the continent. 

Born in Ibadan, Oyo State in the late 60s, a stammerer and one of several children in a regular family, Ejimagwa’s phenomenal, meteoric rise has been anything but ordinary or precedented but the result of decades of faith, sacrifice, creativity and sometimes insane hard work. 

As a student at the Lagos State University where she studied in the early 1990s, Titi cut her teeth early in business, already engaged in petty supplies even then. 

Ejimagwa has since risen to become an indispensable piece in the global Longrich tapestry, as the first black 5 Star Director. Still, perhaps her most shocking achievement is in convincing Longrich Bioscience, one of the largest global producers of everyday household products, to establish a $104 million OEM permanent Smart factory in the Lekki Free trade Zone in Nigeria, with a goal to export Longrich products to Western Europe and all of Africa. 

Not one to be satisfied with good or better but the very best, Ejimagwa has been true to her mantra: “Go Big or Go Home” The silent billionaire recently installed a rice processing mill called Sparkle Rice with a production capacity of between seven and 10 tonnes per day with the ultimate goal to dominate the agricultural value chain with quality products.

To this end, she has already acquired land and equipment that will allow her to have a competitive advantage initially in the South-West and nationally in the medium term. 

Her various business interests include Richway MicroFinance Bank where she was chairman, and her quest towards constructing the tallest residential building in West Africa, called the Trillion Tower- a proposed 36 floor mixed-use building – at Eko Atlantic City, Lagos. 

The serial entrepreneur also has her hands in other sectors of the economy within and even beyond the continent of Africa, including entertainment and production. 

Titi Ejimagwa is an unapologetic philanthropist who never thinks twice about meeting any genuine needs brought to her attention. Beyond massive contributions to various causes in cash, she is known to get personally involved in various women empowerment projects, and remains a vocal advocate against domestic violence or any form of gender-based violence. 

Apart from organising public enlightenment seminars and programmes, she is involved in providing counselling and therapy to help women move past the traumatic experience. 

Her concern for the girl child has also seen her commit to giving away millions of naira worth of top quality feminine sanitary materials to secondary school girls across the country. 

Her phenomenal story cannot be complete without her husband, Emmanuel Ejimagwa, also a top businessman with Longrich among others, as are their two young children. 

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