April 20, 2023

Ramadan Talk Day 29: Surely, a rewarding spiritual activity indeed

Ramadan Talk

As we come to the end of another rewarding 29-day spiritual activity, fasting every day, praying every night, giving regular charity, reciting the Quran, watching wonderful teachers share spiritual insights into the beauty of the Quran and Hadiths, we are now cleansed from our past sins, our hearts are more pure than it was before Ramadan.  Alhamdullilah.

We should be full of gratitude to Allah for giving us the grace to witness this Ramadan and observing the ibadah and seeing to its end. Alhamdullilahi Rabil-Alameen. We thank Allah (exalted is He) who has blessed us with yet another Ramadan! 

In a state of humility and repentance, we seek forgiveness of Allah (swt) and repent to Him, we acknowledge that we are sinners and turn to Allah, the Oft-forgiving, for His pardon and mercy. It is appropriate that we seek forgiveness after finishing our prayers.  

Remember, Allah (swt) told the Prophet (s.a.w) to seek forgiveness and to repent after the opening of Makkah.  “Allahummainnaka afuwwun,  tuhib-bul af-wa fa-afu anni” (O Allah, You are the One who grants pardon for sins, loves forgiving, so forgive me.) This du`a’ embodies one of the goals of Ramadan, to be forgiven and become a new being.

Many of us would have loved to do more, having a feeling we were not able to do more than what we did, it is still about showing gratitude to Allah and pray Allah accepts the little we are able to do.  Gratitude is a trait of the believers.  

We thank Allah (swt) for blessing us to be among those who worshiped Him and for giving us the health and ability to fast, to pray, and to increase in our good deeds. We thank Him for giving us the opportunity to grow and come closer to Him. We thank Him for the immeasurable rewards for the little we could do.

All we need to do is to continue in that manner of righteousness after Ramadan. As we have proactively established a firm habit of reciting the Quran, giving charity, honesty in all your dealings, don’t let all these beautiful actions end with Ramadan, let us continue the daily ibadah, it would be as if we had missed nothing.

Again, there is still the opportunity of the six days of fasting in Shawaal. The benefits can take you to the next Ramadan, insha Allah.

Before I end, I seek forgiveness over my inability to touch other areas you would have wished, as well as my inability to reply to all mails, text messages, calls and comments. 

May Allah forgive us all and accept this as an act of worshipping HIM. I also wish to remind us that we can keep the spirit of Ramadan alive every day for the next 11 months Insha Allah. That is the best gift to Ramadan as it bids us farewell. 

As we prepare for Eid, let’s end this blessed month in a great way by continuing the ibadah in Ramadan.  Eid-Mubaraq!

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