Ramadan Talk

April 2, 2023

Ramadan Talk Day 11: What is your resolve this Ramadan?

<em>Ramadan Talk Day 11: What is your resolve this Ramadan?</em>

Ramadan is not only an individual experience, it is a proud identity for the Ummah. It is during this period you will see more nominal Muslims or those you can aptly describe as Muslims by name and not by practice come to the Masjid in good numbers for Taraweeh. They are proud to join the regular Muslims just as the regular Muslims are happy to see the masjid full to capacity. Those good old days remind me of the enthusiasm to do Taraweeh, to do iftar together in a communal manner.

The life and the verve added to sahur, by ajiwere band, waking people up for sahur will never go away. The memories of gathering together to go out on dawah far and near in Ramadan offered a sense of fulfillment.

All these we do in the 70s as a young Muslim. Knowledge and the need to do more devotional activities have overshadowed things of the old.

However, what we need to concentrate on now is to strengthen and deepen our daily prayers, our contact and relationship with theHoly Quran, our Qiyamu-layl, nawafil, dhikir and dua are very important.

We can’t afford to waste this golden opportunity the month offers. We should focus more on perfecting our daily salat, let us gain more khushu in our prayers.

The month is the month of the Quran; therefore, we should strive to do more of the reading and internalizing the messages. Fasting prepares the believers’ hearts to learn the word of Allah.

It is the most suitable condition for our spiritual and mental communication with the Book of Allah. That is why you see Muslims getting more attached with the Quran in this month than other months.

During this blessed month, we can see a pious Muslim Ummah of piety and one devoted to Allah’s command. The bonds that are based on piety and virtue are the strongest bonds and it is these bonds that prove good for mankind. It is the display of brotherhood, commitment to the values of goodness, morality and piety.

We can as well see in this glorious month, a new sense of care and sympathy. The rich can understand and feel the pains of the poor, the pangs of hunger become universal in which we draw a tangible lesson and see how we can better the society.

By carrying out the ordinance of Allah on fasting, we experience the pangs of hunger and thirst and we realize what it means to be deprived of the basic necessities of life.We become more generous by giving sadaqah to the needy, by sharing our iftar and by paying our zakat.

Alhamdullilah, this last ten days of Ramadan has fortified us against hardship, adversity and sacrifice. The month has prepared us against evil forces and lethargy.

The great gift of taqwa, love and sacrifice will endure even after Ramadan only if we decide to make it so.
Now check yourself, what is your resolve this Ramadan?

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