March 25, 2023

RAMADAN TALK DAY 03: Don’t miss Taraweeh

RAMADAN TALK DAY 03: Don’t miss Taraweeh

In order to make use of the limited time in this blessed month Ramadan, we need to organise ourselves, plan ahead of time to be able to perform all the acts of worship required of us. When we are organised, we will be able to fight the unbridled desires and distractions that sometimes drive our lives more than our good intentions to do this and that. One of the very important aspects of the ibadah is the Taraweeh.

This is one major feature of Ramadan. The 10-20 rakah is observed after Ishai prayer. It can be done behind the imam or done privately or at home. Yes, scholars said doing it behind imam will afford you to listen to the recitation of the Quran behind Imam. Thank Allah, the month offers those who are not regular comers to the masjid to come around and fill the space available. So, don’t be surprised if you see large numbers of worshippers in your regular mosque.

Taraweeh prayers are not about merely taking credit to stand behind the Imam while he finishes the Quran in melodious recitations. It is about getting yourself connected with Allah all through the prayer. Yes, it is not obligatory prayers but at this time, it offers great reward to observe all either behind the imam or privately. It also helps us to develop khushu and closeness to Allah in our prayers.

Taraweeh is about understanding what is being recited and to become closer to the One for whom you made all that effort in the first place. In fact, by offering the prayers we fulfil two aspects of Sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) i.e., listening to Quran and offering Taraweeh.

It also purifies our souls and gives us a chance to seek forgiveness from the Almighty for our past sins.

The Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said “Whoever prays qiyaam with the imam until he finishes, will be recorded as having spent the whole night in prayer.”

The Taraweeh is more or less like the night prayer. The difference is that the former is done immediately after Ishai while the latter is done in the middle of the night. Both are very rewarding. It is better not to miss it. May Allah forgive us, accept our acts of ibadah and reward us abundantly. Amin.

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