Law & Human Rights

March 23, 2023

Know your rights

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Environmental pollution

1. Do you know that it is mandatory for every owner or occupier of a premises to provide a covered waste receptacle for waste disposal?  

2. Do you know that it is a crime to discharge sewage, liquid waste, waste water into gutters, road, gorges, water courses/water bodies or any drainage system? 

3. Do you know that it is illegal to burn any form of waste on a property/building? 

4. Do you know that it is mandatory for every public vehicle to carry a litter/waste bin for use by passenger? 

5. Do you that it is an offence to use public address system or loud speakers to solicit for passengers at public places/markets; propagate beliefs/ideas, advertise any good, sell  musical records and disseminate information in a residential area without a permit? 

6. Do you know that every owner or occupier of a building has a duty to clean and maintain the drainage system in front or at the rear of the building?  

7. Do you know that any person who commits an environmental offence will be served with an abatement notice by the authorities which will require him/her to abate the nuisance within a specified period? 

8. Do you know that where a person fails to abate the nuisance, the premises may be sealed up and the person may also be liable to prosecution in a court of law?

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