I’m currently married to a widower, who is a smashing husband and father to my two children from my first marriage.

He has three children of his own. I still have to get in touch with my ex to discuss the children’s welfare, from time to time, and we have sex whenever we could.

We’ve always been sexually compatible.

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My ex has a new woman living with him and he’s not encouraging me to come back to him.

Only I’m not your average sex-pot and it makes me feel good to know that someone else fancies me, though he treated me badly in the past.

If my current husband finds out, it will ruin my marriage, but I need the reassurance this fling gives me.

Maria, by e-mail.

Dear Maria,

You may be aware that you’re fooling yourself. You have a man who cares and provides for you and your children.

You are obviously loved by this man and you don’t need an ex who’s let you down in the past, and will do so again.

You may want your ex, but that’s not the same as needing him.

Is it because you have two men making love to you at the same time; boosts your self esteem?

Believing you’re not a sex-pot may be your problem. Your second husband obviously found enough good qualities in you to commit to you and your children.

You’ve been given another bite at the cherry by this second marriage. Sex-pot or not, you have an opportunity many women would give their right arm for. Don’t throw it away.

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