Oluwakemi Ann-Melody Areola

I must start by saying in my personal opinion i feel not every Nigerian youth is currently fully aware of his or her potential as an individual and the possibilities that are attainable as a collective.

Realisation of potential requires introspection powered by examination: both self and societal.

The world as we know it is ever evolving, business is no longer as usual, we are witnessing disruptive devopments in every sector that must be harnessed for growth.

It is said that the future belongs to those who prepare for it today and  the great news is that we have 2 great tools to assist us in doing that.

Namely technology aligned with the knowledge and experience of those that have come before us.

The colours of the balloons might change but their fundental make up remains the same.

Inter-generational solidarity has great potential in national development but can only play its part if we understand how to harness the potential of merging digital awareness with the experience of older generations.

I have great belief in Nigeria and I’ve seen firsthand how countries like South Korea and Rwanda have undergone transformations, i observed one common denominator in each of these great achievements, it was always the mindset of the people, the choice to be a better people and the methodical approach taken towards a greater common goal.

Nigerian youth, it’s important we understand and identify a healthy developmental goal and begin to take incremental steps towards it.

And the older generation have the responsibility to pass down the knowledge gathered from lessons learnt and most importantly all generations must come together and intertwine and marry various elements of knowledge for a greater tomorrow.

Leave no man behind.

Develop the youth, build the nation Happy International Youth Day 2022

Oluwakemi Ann-Melody Areola is Special Assistant (Youth and ICT) to the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, wrote from Abuja


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