By Patrick Dele-Cole

PEOPLE who complain about racism should also complain if they accept tribalism.

Those who practise tribalism have no right to complain about racism.

The developed nations no longer celebrate racism like they did some decades back. Their views have shifted to understanding that all men are equal beings to views now about inclusivity and diversity.

Even in the countries that were the most racist: France, Germany and Britain, there are people of other races running for parliament.

Now we have them reacting against racism and they have the institutions to fight it. In the USA today, there is a Black Vice President. A little over a decade ago, Barak Obama emerge the first Black President.

We have also seen an Indian vie for the position of a Black Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.

A Black person was Prime Minister in Ireland. We cannot imagine an Indian trying to contest an election in Nigeria or a White man born in Nigeria trying to do same.

Some school of thought hold that racism is more active than tribalism; they claim that racism tries to stop someone else from moving forward in life. So also does tribalism.

Is tribalism more of an identity issue whereas racism is an active aggression towards those who are not one’s people?

What happened in Bosnia that triggered the war in 1992 between the Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), the Serbs and Croats in addition to the Yugoslav army before the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, imposed a ceasefire in 1995 was racism.

Is it a valid argument that racism can come out of tribalism and could it be described as tribalism gone beyond limits? Whatever it is, the feelings and emotions are same.

An Ikwerre man wouldn’t want a Riverine man from the same state to contest the governorship election, but when they both go overseas, they unite and become friends to fight the White man who tries to discriminate against them.

Is this not the biggest deceit of the Blackman in Africa? Are we ignorant about this or is it sheer stupidity that makes us do this? Should not we break these biases? We assume it is okay to discriminate against the foreigner but cannot unite under normal circumstances as Northerner, Southerner, Easterner and Westerner, each looking for some form of identity.

Should we not be seeking human identity? The Westerners and the Europeans have come to that realisation. The West should not say that we Africans are far worse than they are because of our tribalism. We despised their racism,we accused them of globally practising racism in our own regions of the world, and we practise tribalism.

Why should anyone in any part of Nigeria discriminate against people from other parts of the same Nigeria, without realising they will reap what they sowed? The war in Rwanda, the Nigerian civil war, etc., had people fighting on these ethnic biases.

The Westerners don’t want to carry this racism anymore (except Oban in Hungary and Trump in the US). The Americas and Australia are conscious of the dangers inherent in racism and are determined to fight it.

The point about racism in Europe, the Americas and in Australasia is that they’re conscious of the dangers inherent in racism and are determined to fight it. There is no corresponding consciousness of dangers of tribalism and no attempt at fighting it.

It was racism that distinguished the German thrust against the Jews and led to the massacre of six million Jews whom Hitler sent to the gas ovens to burn to death. But Hitler and the Jews in Germany spoke the same language. Many intermarried, but that did not stop fascism or the push for the maintenance of the purity of German blood. The world war was fought against this claim by the Germans to be a superior race and in the end, fascist theory was largely defeated. 

Europe and the Americas, have laws protecting Black people. There are laws against discrimination, and there are institutions to achieve racial harmony and diversity without discrimination.

 In all the Black countries, there are no laws against tribalism, yet we know that tribalism is a potent characteristic of African countries. – The Kikuyos in Kenya, the Shona and the Matabeles in Zimbabwe, and the polyglot of tribes in South Africa, South West Africa, Rwanda; these areas have strong tribalistic bent.

It might seem that the Whites in these countries may be classified as tribes. They discriminated against Blacks or vice versa depending on the time.

In Rwanda, there was a tribal /racial war between the Tutsi and the Hutus. This division has not ceased despite the massacre of over two million people.


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