Round 5: Final round underway. Cannonier rushes out of his corner and is checked by Adesanya. Both fighters get into a clinch and back into the corner. Cannonier digging into Adesanya’s knees. Cannonier attempting a take down which fails and follows it up with a double jab. Adesanya replies with a head kick. The round ends.

Round 4: Adesanya lands a big left hands which tilts Cannonier’s head backwards. Adesanya is making it extremely difficult for Cannonier to land effective punches. No take down yet from either fighter. Both fighters get into a clinch but Adesanya frees himself. Cannonier showing more aggression and gets a clinch and both fighters exchange body and head shots. Cannonier sends a head kick which Adesanya avoids. Fourth round comes to an end. Cannonier’s corner urging him to take the fight to Adesanya as he is down by 3 rounds to 1.

Round 3: Cannonier send a left-right combination that fails to meet Adesanya. He tries to wrestle Adesanya to the ground unsuccessfully and both fighters exchnange body shots. He tries again to wrestle Adesanya to the ground but fails. Cannonier coming closer to Adesanya, gets a clinch and forces him into the corner. Cannonier tries digging his knees into Adesanya’s who manages to free himself and sends a head kick which brings the round to an end.

Round 2: Cannonier taking the fight to Adesanya and forcing him to back into the corner occassionally. The fight is temporarily stopped as Cannonier has to have his right eye checked. The round ends with Adesanya on top landing a big body shot.

Round 1: Quite uneventful. Both men taking time to size each other up and landing body shots.


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