…What set them apart from their colleagues


They are bold, daring and rarely compromise their standards.

Whether by their sheer power, their inner strength or emotional stability, notable hot actresses in Nollywood have been crushing roles on the big screen like never before.

In recent times, lovers of Nigerian movies have fallen for the talents of the likes of Angela Okorie, Uche Ogbodo, Lizzy Gold, Etinosa Idemudia, Caroline Igben, among others following their fierce roles in movies. These actresses are not only known for their doggedness, postures and stands when it comes to starring in crime or epic films, but they are also considered as a major threat to their male colleagues on the big screen.

Interestingly, many of the actresses are versatile in their own rights even as the film producers are desperately bent on stereotyping them. They are redefining the path and outwitting the old horses in the game.

For instance, actress-turned singer Angela Okorie, who is known for some of her gangster roles in movies, tries to break the jinx of being boxed to a corner. Watching most of her crime movies, one is bound to appreciate the screen diva’s standout performance. In “Black Cat” , the 2014 sequel to the movie, “White Bagas”, Angela Okorie’s daring role in the movie gave her away as a monster in disguise. The movie tells the story of a rivalry between two female cult groups after a handsome guy becomes the object of interest of the respective leaders. It was the same story when the legit queen featured in “ Twin Cartel”, another crime movie of reckoning.

Despite playing other roles in movies such as a widow, where she shaved her hair years back to interpret the character of a village girl, mad woman among others, Okorie has continuously proved to her fans that she can hold her own in the driver’s seat. But in recent times, the mother of one cannot be said to be devoting more time for her acting career as she’s doing for her music.

Perhaps one of Uche Ogbodo’s most applauded roles in movies was her portrayal of Azummiri the snake girl in Oma Nnadi’s 2019 movie, “ Udene.’ In the epic film, a big python was seen hanging around the neck of the actress as she portrayed Azummiri, the goddess. It was one of the frightful characters to play in a movie, and the actress killed the role as she had the big python at her beck and call.

Recounting her experience, the actress said “On set, it was not easy for me and my producer trying to get the snake to act according to the script. The snake was so heavy. Besides, for the first time, I got a taste of how bad the pee of a python can be. The pee smells so bad.”

Just like Ogbodo and Angela Okorie, fast-rising actress Lizzy Gold is surely carving a niche for herself as a badass actress.

The screen diva, who made her acting debut in 2012, starring in movies such as ‘The Casket Suzzy’ , “Royal Bridesmaids Blossom (2022)”, “The Outcast Vivian (2018)” , “Jezebel”, “Lady Boss”, and “Heart Of Evil (2015)” is known for being mean and uncompromising in action movie.

Her role in “Detective Clara” was one that apparently captivated audiences and thus sets her apart from her contemporaries. The actress was also outstanding in portraying the queen of the coast in the movie, “ Immortality” which is currently showing on YouTube. And she’s not even slowing down as she’s perfecting her unique craft each passing day. Some claimed that Lizzy has fashioned her acting skills after Hollywood actresses like Nicole Kidman, Joanne Whalley, Kate Winslet among others, who are best known for playing dare-devil characters in movies.   Following in Lizzy’s stead is another budding actress, Stella Udeze, who came into the limelight after starring in the movie, “Strange Twins.” The actress has starred in either romantic or epic movies including “Bleeding King,” “Joro,” “Baby Mama, Spellbound,” “Best Friends,” “Double Stud,” “Wheel of Fate,” “My Wedding,” “Melting Point,” where she played different characters. But she stole the hearts of many movie lovers following her incredible roles in “The Pride of Oyim” and “Covert Intention.” And many believe she’s cut out to rule the big screen in the country.

For actress Caroline Igben, starring in action movies may be her turf. But give her a role in any romantic movie, and you will be glad you did. The curvy actress will not only kill the role, she will definitely get you to wet your body in a sensual manner. Her performances in movies like “Trump Card”, “Date Night”, “One Way”, “Ponzi, Last Touch” and “The Griot” are indications of what she’s capable of doing under closed- doors.

But Etinosa Idemudia is the godmother of them all. The actress, who started off as a skit maker is best known for her daring roles in the movies, “Devil in Agbada”, “Blood of Enogie.” And now, her forthcoming movie, “The Tiger’s Tail”, which she said will be hitting the cinemas on the 22nd of July. The actress has moved away from being a skit maker to a rugged actress. And she’s not giving a damn.


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