Vanguard’s reports and opinions on commercial motorcyclists (Okada) and the ban in Lagos state and other parts of the country have elicited reaction from readers.

Below is one of such, proffering solution to the Okada menace in Lagos.

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Dear Sir,

The Okada menace has been going on unabated in Lagos State until the recent ban. Many Lagos governments have tried to ban it but along the line it was relaxed for political reasons.

Many Okada riders are violent and lawless. They don’t obey traffic rules, drive recklessly on the roads and refused to put on crash helmets. They take laws into their hands on any unfortunate incidents.

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Unconfirmed reports stated that majority of them are cultists and drug addicts. There are graduates among Okada riders, who prefer such work than remaining idle or engaging in criminal activities.

Few among them are lawful citizens that obey the traffic laws.

Banning Okada is like leaving the leprosy untreated and attending to the ringworms. Many of the Okada riders relied on Okada to cater for the needs of their families and children. Many people are going through mental health problems as a result of inflation.

This made people to be frustrated and so bounce back on anyone that crosses their path.

The Lagos Government should borrow a leaf from the Rwandan government laws for their motorbike-taxis.

Their Okada riders are registered and licensed to operate. They are organised through well-known groups. They respect traffic laws, speed limits and don’t run red lights or drive against the traffic.

An agency under the Lagos State transport ministry can be tasked with the responsibility of the registration and issuance of license to Okada riders. Doing so will help to curb their menace, reduce criminality, and also improve the revenue of the state.

I implore the Lagos State government to regulate Okada activities, not ban them.

Hassan Imran, Jos North.

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