By Kemi Fawole

Erectile dysfunction is simply the inability to hold an erection for sexual intercourse. Now, kindly note that some people’s yardstick for measuring erectile dysfunction varies.

A woman that has a large sexual appetite may need a longer-lasting time and that a man cannot stay as long as she wants doesn’t mean that the man has erectile dysfunction.

The moment a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates, the erection drops.

However, we know that some men have what is known as Premature ejaculation, but that’s another topic for another day.

So, what are the symptoms?

When can we say a man has erectile dysfunction?
They are in categories:
(1) The inability to get an erection.
(2) When the man is able to get an erection sometimes, but not every time.
(3) When the man is able to get an erection but being unable to maintain it.
(4) When the man is able to get an erection but not have it be hard enough for penetration during sex.
Now, let us correct a misconception.
That a man has a long lasting erection, doesn’t mean that he is fertile.

A man’s fertility is determined by the condition of his sperm.
Some men are able to ejaculate and have children even without long lasting erection. However, erection is necessary as it helps to satisfy the woman and aside that, explores the woman’s sexual hormones which are activated to relieve tension in the woman and improve her wellbeing.

So what actually causes erectile dysfunction?
The condition of your penis tells a lot about the condition of your Cardiovasular system.

Now let me explain this further.When your heart condition is frail, especially for men with health challenges like diabetes, hypertension etc, you most certainly will experience erectile dysfunction.

This is because, for you to be erect means that your heart is pumping sufficient blood to your penis.

The moment you blood vessels are clogged with debris that restrict blood flow, it affects your erection. The more reason you will need medication that help to clean blood vessels.

If you have High Blood Pressure and you take medications to improve or treat the condition, kindly note that your erectile system will be hampered by the function of these drugs.

That is why you see men that once they start treating a particular health condition in as little as ulcer, to big challenges like diabetes, they find it extremely difficult to have a strong erection or even sustain it when they eventually manage to get it up.
While you treat your heart condition in case of hypertensive men, and others treat blood sugar , the supplements that give strong erection either for correcting erectile dysfunction or for erection on demand should be taken 3-4 hours apart from the drugs used in treating the health issues.

If a drug used in treating hypertension is taken simultaneously with that of erectile dysfunction treatment, there will be NO result on Erection improvement.

I’ll repeat again, kindly space out the time of usage of these drugs and go for herbal supplements in handling weak erection. You can either treat to get Erection on demand or a long term correction, which will demand you using the particular supplement back to back for about 2-3 months depending on the severity of the ERECTILE dysfunction.

Ensure that your heart condition is improved, before taking an erection pill. This is because, erections lay a demand on your heart. Your heart must be at work to achieve your erection.
Your heart must pump sufficient blood to the penis to create the erection.

Now, some men are eager to be called the Ideal man, and they are eager to impress the woman, so they resort to taking Viagra.( With very strong chemicals), please note that herbal alternative to Viagra are the best especially for men with one or two health conditions.

One of the best ways to improve your erection is to have a good sleep. Ensure you have quality sleep. It has a way it refurbishes your testosterone.

Some natural foods also help. Eg Watermelons, Walnuts, spinach. They are very good.

Reduce fatty foods. They clog your blood vessels. They can worsen erectile dysfunction.

Cigarette smoking and other drugs high in Nicotine also causes erectile dysfunction.

Emotion stress could also cause it. So you see the reason sufficient sleep will help.

Take Vitamin D supplement. It will help a lot.

What foods are not good for men with erectile dysfunction?
Reduce sugary food to a large extent. Too much sugar reduces testosterone levels – A hormone that helps for erection.

Red meat is a No.
Take herbal supplements that can help boost libido early and give strong erection.

NITKICK is one of such safe supplements that helps gives a strong erection within 30 minutes of taking it and it’s safe for men with health issues such as Diabetes, hypertension etc.

UPOWER- is also a herbal supplements that helps correct erectile dysfunction in men.

Other safe and effective supplements to use are; VIGRX FOR MEN and VIMAX are herbal supplements that corrects erectile Dysfunction in men they don’t give instant result, but improves the overall sexual performance overtime and are very safe for any one either with health issue or not, without giving any side effect. They help give a regular and sustainable erection.

In all, ensure your Kidneys are in good condition. The condition of the kidney also determines the condition of your sexuality. BLOOD DETOX is an amazing supplement that’s unclogs debris deposited in the blood stream causing several health challenges. Even if you don’t have any health challenge, it’s good to take a month’s dose of this supplement occasionally to prevent future challenges and for better functioning by cleaning the blood vessels and preventing anything that will restrict smooth blood flow.

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