Prophet Elyon in his teaching on The Proclaiming Word says; When you are obedient to God’s voice, there will be strange manifestations of Power. Power is released by proclamation. The measure by which you put the word to work will determine the Power that is operative in you. You proclaim based on the Power that is within you. It takes the understanding of the measure of Power within you to release it.

Faith is the custodian of the Vision. When God gives you a vision, you operate based on the vision, and operating in the world is what brings the vision to pass. When you operate by Faith, you become different from others. It takes the understanding of the Power of God within you to speak differently. To operate in the Faith of God, you do not see what the world presents, you see what the world presents to you. The word of God is eternal.

You can’t put the power to work without understanding the Power you carry. Your tongue is a tool for releasing Power, it needs to be saturated with the holy truth within you. Until you understand the truth within you, you can’t utter it. Miracle is released from within.

In conclusion, Prophet Elyon asserted that to be dignified, your tongue needs to be sanctified with the word within, you can’t be dignified with the person you are. It takes believing what God has done in you to proclaim it boldly.


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