Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike

Women are breaking boundaries everywhere, and Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike is one of them. She is unique and believes in her own concept of creating a different world in business and personal life.  Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike is a woman of many parts, an entrepreneur and business professional per excellence, a renowned certified media expert with global training experience, an astute personality with proven managerial and administrative competencies. She has strong business communication skills and is good at formulating competitive corporate business strategies and policies that can strengthen firms and customer relationships. She has uncommon analytical skills to guide a firm in making strategic business decisions for corporate growth and profitability.

Dr. Joy retired to private personal business after several years in the banking sector in Nigeria. Her love for photography, cinematography, movie production and event management spurred her to establish a media company known as Omas World of Glamour Ltd. As the Founder/CEO of Omas Group of companies (Omas World of Glamour Ltd, Omas Studios ltd and Omas Multimedia Ltd), she made sure that required energy that engenders business growth was invested and the company grew to become the number media company in the city of Port Harcourt. Presently, the company has a strong presence in Lagos and Abuja. Dr. Joy’s business success did not just happen on a vacuum, her friends and business associates believe it came from her academic prowess and dedication to business studies.

She began primary education at the Army Children’s School Otukpo, Benue State and proceeded to the Gifted Secondary School Gwagwalada Abuja for her Secondary Education. She subsequently studied at the Kaduna Polytechnic, University Port-Harcourt, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, University of Port Harcourt Business School and Harvard Extension School in the USA respectively. She obtained various degrees and certifications in media, marketing and business administration as went through the various institutions of higher learning. The acquisition of these degrees and certifications in art, media and business administration culminated into the vision that birthed a multimedia conglomerate.

Her contribution to the social economic development through the media industry earned her different awards from different reputable bodies including religious organizations in recognition of her role in the society and capacity building. The most recent is the Garden City Advancement Award where she received a platinum honors enterprising personality of the year in the year 2021. Also, the Rotary club of Ogudu GRA District gave her an award in recognition of her service to humanity.   Life Time Caring International Foundation also gave her an award on humanitarian service in 2020, that particular award read thus “In recognition of your exemplary and extraordinary contribution towards the growth and advancement of education and alleviating of human suffering”.

Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike also received the Bethel Anglican Church award in recognition of her decades of commitment, faithfulness, and dedication in service to humanity in 2018. The award regime continued with the World of Pan Africa and in Diaspora United Royal Fathers/Elders Consultative Organization (PAEEFACO), a Pan Africanism Deserved/Merit Award, where the organization honoured and appointed her the World Pan Africa and in Diaspora Global Major-Key Ambassador and the Face of Charity Ambassador Award 2012 by the Rugged Step Foundation.

Dr. Joy has an honorary doctorate degree (Hon. Causa) in media and art from omini Bible University Oklahoma USA. Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike is a believer of God’s word and a lover of Christian activities. Her lifestyle exemplifies Christian virtues in all domains of life. Amb. (Dr.) Joy I. Ezeike is almost a perfectionist who would stop at nothing to get the best out of everything she does. She is a supportive wife of Engr. Uche Ezeike and the union is blessed with three wonderful kids.

She shares her story and the reason why she is extending her business to Lagos in this interview.

The journey so far

Wasn’t smooth at first, but the Holy Spirit kept me going so I thank God for the success we enjoy today. It’s been a tough yet fun ride, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

Are there limits to what a married woman should attain or aim for?

 I think there should not be a limit to what a married woman can achieve or attain. I have been married for over 10 years now and I don’t think marriage has limited me in any way.

All I can say is that married women should set their priorities right and they can achieve as much as they want in life

Why I am extending my business to Lagos

We are excited to see Omas World of Glamour enter the Lagos market. We have been able to provide our clients with media production services that produce measurable results as well as insights for future expansion and now we are here in Lagos.

This will be an advantage for customers in the southwestern part of Nigeria, as we are here to provide them with the best delivery and pricing” She stated. The most exciting facet that we look forward to is continuous development, allowing us to achieve our vision of being the foremost media production company with a global outlook.

African culture relegates women behind men, do you think there should be a re-orientation?

To a large extent, I perceive that discrimination between men and women in our culture as Africans but I think we need to re-orient our people against such discriminations. We belong to a society that believes that women are not entitled to certain privileges whereas men do.

A typical example is a situation where women in some African societies are not entitled to properties like land in their families of birth, the African culture believes that women will usually be married out and should not own anything in their families. We need to change this mentality as Africans because there are instances where some women don’t get married at all, what becomes of such women since the culture forbids them from getting land in their fathers’ house?

This is just one among many other discriminations against women in African and I think we need to grow above this type of mentality. Gender equality should be preached in African as we have it being preached in western world.

You are one of those women who is happily married and yet spent sufficient time at work, how do you balance it?

Well, I must tell you that it is not always very easy balancing marriage and work as both are demanding, especially when you have children to take care of, however, marriage should not deter Women from working and even given sufficient time to work. These days, emphasis is no longer on house wife, this is because to catch up with the demands of the family require all hands to be on deck.

As a matter of fact, I have provided strong support for my husband as long as the day to day running of our home is concern. Over time, I have understood the home front and also my career, it takes dedication, absolute dedication, self-sacrifice to balance the demand from the home front and career.

Truthfully speaking, I work hard and I give time to my work, I even work at night, yet I still find sufficient time for my husband and children. One thing that has helped me is my time management skill and I think people should learn the principles of time management, it will help them to balance the time they give at home and at work.

You don’t look 40, do you mind sharing your beauty secret?

Well, I have a different perception about beauty. In my opinion, beauty is what resides inside and not necessarily the outward beauty that people can see, yes a lot of people appear to be very beautiful but their attitudes do not reflect it.

To me, beauty is the combination of all the dimensions of beauty, which includes physical beauty, inward beauty, intelligence etc. As a person, if you say that I am beautiful, then I give God the glory.

What sprung the idea Omas World of Glamour?

Oh, Omas World Glamour, firstly, it came through divine inspiration and secondly through my love for photography, cinematography, movie production and event management. All of these spurred me to establish Omas World of Glamour.

I didn’t just start with Omas, I first worked in the banking sector before I started Omas and I am happy that I did, more are yet to come.

Tell us about Omas 4?

It is called Omas mega 4. It was the platform through which we launched our projects 1 – 4 (Face of Omas, Omas studios TV, Omas Foundation and My Story. So, you can see what the concept of Omas 4 stands for.

Do you see yourself going back to the screen?

Not really, I will rather prefer writing and directing for now.

We need more women in politics, are you joining the field soon?

Politics, I really do not have plans to go into politics, I think I will like to remain within my professional domain. However, if fate takes me to politics, who am I to say no?

What should we be expecting next from this ultra-woman?

Life comes with different paths, my next move would be determined by divine direction and inspiration.

Are there women who inspired you to this status?

Oh yes, obviously yes, I have drawn inspiration from many Nigerian women like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Eweala, Oby Ezekwesili, Rev Mrs Iredu, Pastor (Dr) Mrs. Paul Eneche etc.

On the international scene, the likes of Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris are inspiring me big time. These women have been in various stages of leadership and some are leading big organizations and institutions, it makes me believe that there is no limit to what a woman can achieve.

What’s your advice to every woman out there?

Women should be goal oriented, women should focus on their goals and be intentional about them, the opportunity to excel in life are equal for men and women. 

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