By Jimitota Onoyume

Dr Tidi E. Michael is currently a two term Chairman , Warri south local government council.

He holds a PhD in Energy studies from centre for Petroleum, Energy, Economics and Law of the University of Ibadan. He earlier acquired a Masters degree in Economics from the Delta state university and a first degree also in Economics from the University of Port Harcourt

He is a top contender for the state constituency II seat in the Delta state House of Assembly

In this interview he stresses it that he is going to the Assembly to bring development to the constituency and not to promote ethnic sentiments.
Excerpt :

Lets know a little more about you.

As you already know, I’m Dr. Michael Ejueyitsi Tidi. I am Itsekiri of Okere, Ode-Itsekiri, Omadino, and Urhobo of Ukpokit/lgbudu all of Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State.

I want to be the next member to represent Warri South II Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly by the special grace of God Almighty.

I’m presently serving as the Council Chairman,Warri south local government area. I want to put my leadership experience garnered over the years to work for the good of Warri South II Constituents.

What is the driving force behind your aspiration ?

I’m very concerned about the poor representation of Warri South constituency II, in the state House of Assembly over the past three and half years. The popular thinking out there is that the present representative has done his best based on his ability and capacity. The honest truth is that Warri South II deserves a more robust, Knowledgeable, educated and exposed representative.

I am convinced that looking at what my team and I have done at the Council and also my contribution to our great party, I am a natural fit for the challenges of the time and therefore I have decided to put myself up for the race

What difference are you bringing to the table ?

Being a representative at the State House of Assembly involves articulation, presentation, arguments and defense of ideas captured in motions. We have not enjoyed all these in the last three and a half years .

Besides leadership at any level is a collective effort, not a one man show. No one man, knows it all, that is why leaders form teams. What is required is a leader who will assemble technocrats and experts in different fields of endeavor and provide leadership that is required to achieve results.

Warri South state constituency II needs such a person. We need somebody who can create the enabling environment for developments, especially as regards the peculiarities of Warri South Constituency II.

What are the things you have to your advantage ?

It takes education and exposure to be open to new ideas and also understand them. Not too long ago, I assembled such people during the 1st and 2nd Warri Economic Summits, where we came up with a master plan to provide a roadmap and guide, towards the development of our local government. I have more valuable experience; exposure, education and wider outreach to attract developments; that is why I am offering myself.

Some have said you are Itsekiri by birth so you should not aspire to represent this constituency II. How is this ?

Well I know my opponents are going about whipping up ethnic sentiments to hoodwink gullible persons, but alas, our respected delegates are better informed. I am not running as an Itsekiri or Urhobo candidate. I represent a pan-Warri project. I am one who is poised to unify and work for all divides in our beloved constituency. I have said as much in different fora, and I repeat same here this day.

What is important for our constituency at this time is that we should be careful with the kind of representative that we throw up. Let us not be driven by primordial sentiment to put ourselves in a box where we find ourselves difficult to operate.

Let me also say this clearly that those whipping up ethnic sentiments simply don’t have much to offer like me. And it is why they are sponsoring all kinds of ethnic campaigns.

I have been Chairman of this Warri south local government . And as Chairman I have adequately represented all sides, name them Itsekiri, Urhobo, Hausa, Ibo, Yorubas, Benis, all tribes here. Let me emphasize that Itsekiri,Urhobos and all the tribes elected me in my first term and did again in my second term. If I were to be an ethnic champion, I am sure some tribes would have kicked against my re election as Chairman of this Warri south local government council.

Let me say it again that I am also Urhobo from the constituency. My Urhobo family recently held a grand reception for me as their worthy son. The President – General of Agbarha – Warri, Chief Emmanuel O. Ememu, said it to the hearing of all that Dr. Michael E. Tidi, is a member of the Ukutemi Obelikpeyah Family of Ukpokiti / Igbudu Communities of Agbarha of this local government.

The Secretary – General of Obelikpeyah family, Chief Julius Kpesu, in his welcome address at the reception also spoke glowingly of me.

Emmanuel Otomewo Obelikpeyah, you also heard him at the reception say I had done well as Council Chairman and they were with me all the way in this race to represent Constituency II in the House of Assembly.

Right from my childhood, I love the Urhobo Kingdom where I proudly come from and I know that nobody can take that away from me. I was born in Okere market and I have lived all my life with the people of Okere-Urhobo kingdom. I was very close to one of my uncles, late Chief Samuel Okumagba when I was growing up.

I shared some of my growing memories in the hands of my grand mother with Mothers of Okere Urhobo for Tidi, Warri south local government when they visited me to pledge support for me.

I told them their visit brought back sweet memories of how my grandmother , their sister used to take care of me. She was the one who took care of me while I was growing up in the Constituency.

Today I reside in Edjebah. And I have been there for about four years now .Edjebah community is a very peaceful community. I have lived there for four years now. So I am an integral part of the Constituency.

It is just one person that is trying to sow seeds of discord in the community all because of his ambition.

I promise to keep running a positive campaign, to keep my programmes transparent, and to focus all my energy on the wellbeing of the constituents of Warri South II.

I have been tested twice as two term Council Chairman of the local government . I have never in any way used my privileged office to divide the council along ethnic lines.

I have always promoted peace, unity, development of all parts of the local government area.

Like I said I am not going to the Assembly as Itsekiri or Urhobo but going there to bring development to constituency II through effective representation of the area and our people


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