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Do you want to become a fluent Arabic speaker and be able to read and write Arabic easily? If you want to learn Arabic in order to study the Quran and the complete Arabic and Islamic legacy, or if you simply want to learn a new and interesting language that will allow you to communicate with individuals from 26 countries and 400 million people? You’ve found the best online Arabic learning resource! Mishkah Academy provides the best online Arabic classes available, covering a wide range of topics to help you enhance your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

Why choose this course?

This course has been carefully designed by Arabic teachers who specialize in teaching Arabic courses to non-native speakers. This online Arabic course is suitable for Non-Arabic Speakers of all levels. It will help you learn Modern Standard Arabic in a convenient and interactive way at a totally reasonable fee!

Students do not need to worry about their existing level of Arabic knowledge because this course is organized into four levels. This course is for you if you have no prior experience with the Arabic language or if you want to improve your Arabic language skills.

The online Arabic course starts from the basics of the Arabic language and makes you master it over time. In addition, a lot of basic Arabic grammar topics are covered during the entire learning process in order to help you with Arabic conversation and your speaking abilities as well as have effective communication.

Best Features of Online Arabic Courses

Our online Arabic course covers every single language skill!

Our online Arabic classes cover all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) equally in an appropriate manner as each unit contains a variety of lessons to ensure that our students practice their Arabic effectively through listening and speaking in Arabic as well as reading and writing.

We start with the basics.

There is no doubt that the easy and prominent way to learn Arabic is to take it little by little and start with the basics of Arabic for beginners such as the most frequently used words or the simplest rules of Arabic grammar. We at Mishkah Academy take you from no language experience to a high level one step at a time because it is the cornerstone of learning any language and can advance your progress.

Hand-selected Arabic teachers to teach Arabic online.

Teachers, without a doubt, play a significant part in the learning process and are the ones who guide students. That is why all of our instructors are native Arabic speakers who have considerable experience teaching Arabic to non-native speakers online.

You can customize your study plan!

One of the main factors that sets us apart is that we do our best to make studying Arabic online easier for you and your whole family by giving you the ability to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours at any time of the day to suit you best.

Enjoy all the Arabic lessons online.

In every area of language learning: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing, we employ various tactics and activities to make teaching Arabic engaging and entertaining.

We send weekly and monthly reports.

As we believe that evaluating the progress of our students plays a vital role throughout the journey of learning Arabic online and is considered one of the most important teaching aids, we distribute weekly and monthly reports on the best progress in the Arabic online course in order to keep you on track with your performance.

The best quality at absolutely reasonable fees.

Finding a suitable educational course to learn Arabic language online with reasonable fees is no longer a problem, as here at Mishkah Academy you can find the best Arabic language programs offered by the Native Arab teachers online and specialists in the field of Arabic language teaching at affordable prices. To begin a delightful adventure of studying Arabic online in the comfort of your own home, simply contact us and customize your study plan.

All these advantages and more make our General Arabic course among the best Arabic courses online!

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