One of the leading protégés of the founder of Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN);  TB Joshua, has lent his voice to the present leadership issues on going in the SCOAN ministry.

The protégé, who is also the founder of the Abuja based SHILOH WORD CHAPEL, Ikechukwu Samuel, popularly known as Prophet I.O Samuel, said :

“ We congratulate prophetess Evelyn Joshua on her call to leadership; she represents Deborah of our time, humble but loaded with leadership wisdom. she is not alone we are on our knees to engage the host of heaven to stand with her, she has started flushing out all kinds of Judases that brought bad name to SCOAN, killed destinies of many that loved the ministry, gave the humble woman pains, I say this here as one of the  closest sons  to daddy TB Joshua in physical and in the spirit all his ministry pains came from this CABAL of evil ladies under the covering of discipleship.

They buried mighty works of daddy, his love, charity, humility and unusual grace of healings globally,  etc.

Personally, I have been asked by daddy to get visas for his crusades to many nations and all turned down by one story or the order. They did same too many close friends and frustrated partners too. Daddy TB Joshua said all should go and marry, they refused for material reasons not for claimed salvation.

Even white ladies joined to humiliate partners in wickedness for years I have  been doing midnight prayers for this day to come.

They are ready to kill you if daddy loves you or has interest to make you a close friend or for mentorship,  all lovely people sent to be mentored by holy ghost through daddy TB Joshua,  went back in pains; but mine was beyond human powers it was heavenly, I used humility and wisdom to remain and became a product of grace if not,  It’s like an impossible relationship other fathers honors the sons but if he tries, they will all fight the prophet.  It made me to have raw power and I became rugged in all areas.

Finally,  I want to sound a warning, daddy TB Joshua has so many sons worldwide, but am one of his major sons that stood with him openly not in secret loyalty, till end; if you knew Prophet TB Joshua, you must know the son Prophet I O Samuel ; his fight was always mine;  yes daddy has gone to rest in with God but his spirit is very much alive today, mummy don’t spare any one that is among this cabal or any one that will not obey you  as an employee will not be higher than the employer.

This evil people can’t take that!

Mummy prophetess Evelyn Joshua,  we stand with you and we have all it takes to make the land green for you and our family again; SCOAN is not a local church it is global;  flush the system more and have a life don’t spare any vampire in your camp it can be deadly.

The conspiracy is heart breaking; we support you for life. The love foundation of my father is alive forever you will be shocked of the fresh people God will bring your way. I ask all believers to join us in prayers daily for prophetess Evelyn Joshua no man can fight grace and succeed.

I may not speak much anymore, time will tell.

I advise all SCOAN members and partners worldwide to stand with mummy Evelyn Joshua, all she needs has been deposited in her already and the children. Said the clergy.


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