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Mary John is a Nollywood actress from Bayelsa State. She studied performing and media art at the Film and Broadcast Academy, a private polytechnic in Ozoro, Delta State. She is also a plus-size model and a brand influencer. She has featured in movies like Adaku, The Fixers, My Hot Maid Wants Me, The Apprentice, Village Babes on Fire, The Demonic Manipulation, and more. In this quickie with Potpourri, she opens up the door to her heart.


I have had to take an open truck to a movie location. I couldn’t get a ride to a village where we were shooting an epic movie so I had to enter an open truck going my way along the way and this heavy rain started to compound my plight. Funny enough, to cut the long story short, I kind of enjoyed every bit of it.

Unforgettable memories

A guy who stays in my estate once asked to take a picture with me, which I obliged because he appeared to be so excited about it. To my surprise, this guy tapped my ass and ran away. I was stunned and embarrassed.

Favourite movie character

I love acting the role of a mum. I am always comfortable in that role. I don’t think there is a character I can’t play apart from going nude completely. Being an actor is all about challenges so we have to push ourselves to get the best out of every character we are given to interpret.

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On Women flaunting their sexuality on social media

I can’t speak for others, I can only speak for myself. As an adult do what makes you happy. Their lives, their rules.

Attraction to opposite sex

When a man is intelligent, neatly dressed, well-spoken, and has a sense of humour, I’m all for it. At least we can start by being friends. But nothing in the world can make me walk up to a guy to start a relationship. But then I’m not against girls who are bold enough to do that. In fact I respect them for their guts.

Love or money

Money and love go together. Without money, love can never be sweet – never. Will love pay for food, rent, bills, and so on? No, money makes love sweeter and stronger.

On sex

Sex is a beautiful thing when you are having it with someone you really and deeply like. For me, I am ready to explore with my partner when I’m really in love with him.

Social media

Social media has helped me in so many ways. It has exposed me to brands and I think it’s easier to connect with whoever wants to work with me. Some private mails can be crazy though but there’s nothing I can’t handle now.

Industry turn-offs

My major turn-off would be guys who frustrate and victimize actresses for rejecting their advances. As a lady, I have the right to choose who I want to date or not date. So, in the industry, I focus on those who appreciate my talent genuinely and neglect those who seek more than the actual work

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