June 13, 2021

Women are smart cheats ― Blessing Okoro

Women are smart cheats ― Blessing Okoro

By Ayo Onikoyi,

The war of the sexes has been fought on many fronts. One, that keeps raging with no end in sight is about the sex or gender that loves sex more than the other. In her dramatic fashion, self-styled intellectual entertainer and relationship expert, Blessing Okoro known as Blessingceo has affirmed that women love sex more than men, saying men make out to be the big cheat when the women actually cheat more but are discreet about it.

“Women love sex more than men. Women enjoy sex more than men and they want sex more than men. Women pretend more than men, they are very pretentious in nature and they have to be because of the society they have found themselves in.

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In the society we are, pretense simply means innocence, it means you are a saint and every man wants a saint for a wife. And every woman is pretending to be a saint. In this part of the world called Africa they call you a saint when you pretend you are naive. You are a good woman when you don’t want sex but that is a lie women want sex. Women are good pretenders because that is what African men want,” she said.

“A lot of women are beginning to cheat, even more than men but they are smart about it. This is because a lot of men think they married a naive and conservative woman. But it is the naive women that are cheating more. That’s why it is good for a man to make love to his wife very well. No woman is a naive woman,” she added.

She further advised men not to ignore their wives’ sexual needs, saying no woman is naive when it comes to sex.

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