Dear Bunmi,

I’ve just been kicked in the teeth by a good friend of mine. I ran into her in a restaurant I went to with my new boy-friend. Since she was sitting alone, we joined her and I made the necessary introductions. 

A few days later, she phoned for a chat and casually asked if I was an item with the man she saw me with. I told her he was only a casual acquaintance, since I didn’t want any of my friends to know him yet.

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You can then imagine how shocked I was when she phoned again and said I should speak to a mutual friend…and it was this man!  I asked what he was doing with my friend, and he simply gave the phone back to her.

Since I did not reveal the fact that I was interested in the man to her, I couldn’t accuse her of snatching him. But I felt betrayed by this man, and it hurts to think I’ll now have to brace myself when I see both of them together socially.

Tundun, by e-mail.

Dear Tundun,

Your so-called man was obviously flattered by your friend’s interest in him whilst you were still dragging your feet. 

This shows that playing hard to get backfires at times.  In fairness to your friend, she did ask you what the relationship was between you two, and you gave her the signal she needed when you denied any romantic interest in him. She’s obviously a clever rogue who must have told the man what you said and he definitely preferred her to you!  

I would cut my losses, if I were you, and put on a brave front when you run into them. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get over this betrayal and find someone you could relate to again.


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