*Members of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association at the summit

By Peter Duru, Makurdi

The National President of the Middle Belt Forum, MBF, Dr. Bitrus Pogu has said there no truth in the claim by the presidency that criminal herdsmen were being arrested and tried across the country.

Speaking to Vanguard in Makurdi, Dr. Pogu said, “what we know is that there are some instances in Zanfara state where some of these people were apprehended as kidnappers.

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“It has been in the news. But beyond the Zamfara case which is about kidnappers, throughout the Middle Belt when they were massacring people in Benue, Niger and other places we do not have any record of anyone apprehended over the years.

“We also have instances in Kaduna where kidnappers, about three years ago, killed a traditional ruler and some people were apprehended and they were found to be Fulani.

“We have these examples but beyond that, in the middle Belt there have been killings and killings and nobody is arrested. Even when Miyetti Allah laid claim to the killings nobody was ever arrested.

“So I think that what we can say as a response to what they have said is that they have adopted selected approach to the whole thing. Because in Zamfara we saw example, in Kaduna yes after the outcry that trailed the killing of the traditional ruler.

“Beyond that, there isn’t any other example. In fact in Adamawa where some youths went to fight back after the atrocities of the Fulani, they were detained and are still in court. But the Fulanis were left to go scot free.

“In fact we must say the manner the federal government is going about the matter has lots of bias in favour of the Fulanis.”

Benue tribal leaders:

On his part, Chairman of Benue tribal leaders and President General of Mzough U Tiv Worldwide, Chief Iorbee Ihagh said:

“The leader of Miyetti stays in Abuja and says a lot of things and nobody calls him to order or arrests him even when they claimed responsibility for the Benue crisis.

“He said that they can stay anywhere and do whatever the want to do and nothing will happens to them. Imagine such utterances.

“That is why we are saying that since President Buhari came for Fulani alone he should resign because Nigeria has more than 5,000 tribes. If he is not resigning, he should work for Nigerians and not Fulani. If not, the way our country is going, we might not have it for too long.

“So , It is not true that they are arresting and trying herdsmen. They should start with the arrest and trial of the leaders of Miyetti who claimed responsibility and justified the Benue killings. Until that is done we are not convinced,” Dr. Pogu said.


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