How to pursue your enemies (2)

Last week we discussed some steps when taken could cause our enemies to submit to us. We made you understand that the devil who is our arch-enemy is a spirit and it is only a spirit that can fight a spirit.

And since our God is the Father of all spirits, He alone can bring our enemies to subjection. This is because it is only by the greatness of His power that our enemies can be subdued.

Having known the overwhelming power of our God over all foes, what we need to do is to align ourselves with Him and repose total confidence in His ability to deal with our enemies. We must understand that it is only through Him that we can gain again all that we have lost to the enemies.

Joshua 18:3 says, “And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, how long are you slack to go, to possess the land which the Lord God of your father has given you. How long will you be there?

Children of God over and over again remain destitute of many things which it is the will of God that they should enjoy, and which with the right attitude they might enjoy.

Sometimes this slackness in enjoying what have been bequeathed to them could be attributed to fear of the unknown and concern of loosing what they had already gotten.

When the Israelites exhibited this flabbiness in possessing what belonged to them, Joshua queried such lackadaisical mindset and cautioned against it, and by so doing stirred up the Israelites to take possession of their lots.

Same concern is being raised today asking how long it will take you, a child of God to possess your possession. How long will you delay to take what belongs to you?

When will you start enjoying the immense wealth God has endowed this country with?

The time is now. You must go at once, because Joshua and Caleb said they should go at once. As you mention anything to God in prayer today; you shall have it. Just ask God by simple prayer, ‘where is your child’ if you need a child. Or ‘where is the blessing He promised for your businesses if you want business boom.

If you don’t have faith just believe that God is real and cannot disappoint you, am assuring you, you will get what you are looking for.

If you can stand upon the word of God today and pray by faith, all that you have lost in business, health, family, etc will be recovered in Jesus name.

And if it appears that there is an enemy that is fleeing, just pray and asks the angel of God to overtake and arrest him to surrender what he has taken from you and you will recover what he has stolen from you in Jesus name.

1Cor. 3:21 says, “Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;” If the earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof and we are the children of God, we must believe that if we act in line with the position of the scripture it shall be ours.

Genesis 13:15 and 17 says, “For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever. 17 Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee”

The Scripture says all the land you see shall be given to you, which means you have to see something before you go after them. God said I have shown you the land, that you must walk through it in the length of it and in the breadth of it which means since God has promised you that all these things belong to you, you should therefore know what belong to you and lay claim to it and God will bring it to pass in Jesus name.

This is the word of God that must come to fulfillment. It is not the word of mortal man that dies at the end of the man. Whatever you are looking for belongs to you. God has given them to you, and as you claim it today it shall be yours in Jesus name.

So, you must pursue after those things that God has bequeathed to you just like David pursued after them and recovered all. So we must pursue like David, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, and deal with all the enemies that are standing against us.

All those that are occupying our blessing whether spiritually or physically must be dealt with like David. We must not fold our hands and be at the defense, we must pursue in prayers, in season and out of season.

Pray without season and go after what God has given to you. We must go for evangelism, preach at all times and pray to ensure whatever the devil had taken or captured are recovered. As we continue in the spiritual exercise, am assuring you we must overtake them and without doubt recover all in Jesus name.


Continued from last week:
As mentioned earlier, I didn’t disclose to my wife the details of my health challenge, so the first time she witnessed the bleeding from the nose and mouth she was dumbfounded because she taught it was a minor heart problem when I hinted her during our courtship.

Before that time, I used to avoid sleeping on the bed whenever I felt the signs of the attack because blood used to cover the whole bed any time it happened while laying on bed. And I knew that my wife seeing such situation would frighten her, hence I was always sitting on cushion whenever I felt the attack would come.

So that day the attack happened while I was on bed with her was a horrific sight.

The thing started while we’re sleeping. And when I woke up and called her attention she was shocked and screamed when she saw the volume of blood oozing from my mouth and nose. We firstly went to a clinic, and they couldn’t control the bleeding.

Within a short time I started feeling dizzy and she asked if she should inform my parents, I affirmed. So she called and intimated them.

Of course, it was no surprise to them instead they were telling her not to panic as it would soon stop. But that didn’t abate her fear because as at that time the blood oozing out were being accompanied by lump like phlegm, so there was enough reason to suggest otherwise.

Immediately she took me to Lagoon Hospital, Apapa. There, after examination they recommended surgery and added they would invite other external surgeons that will assist in ensuring a successful surgery.

Thus, we were asked to make a deposit of #5 million before the surgery would take place. My family made them understand that we could not afford their demand then pleaded I should be referred to LUTH and they obliged. As at that point I was becoming unconscious of my environment.

Quickly, she got a cab and took me to LUTH. As God would have it, at LUTH those set of consultants that on my first visit barred me from ever seeking medication there because I turned down their suggestions were no longer there. We met new doctors who were oblivious of what transpired during my first visit.

So, after checking my file they conducted another test which reaffirmed it was fungi infection in the lung but this time it has eaten up the lung and was advancing to the blood bank and could no longer be controlled by antibiotics neither would the bleeding ceased except surgery is carried out which would not be immediate. And all depends if I remained alive.

At this point, I was directed to the unit in charge of Fungi disease. After lengthy deliberation at the fungal infection department, we were again referred to the surgeon who specializes in fungal removal. By then, I had begun haemorrhaging as my blood level has nosedived to less than 20% and I was becoming dizzy.

Nevertheless, we managed to get to the surgical department where we were told after a scan was conducted that the fungi had caused more damage than imagined. That the right part of the lung had been destroyed beyond repair and thus must be cut off from the point the fungi affected.

Recall that the scan result in our previous visit only suggested getting rid of the fungi alone but now because it has degenerated the lung would go with it.

We had no other option than to subject to surgery. Consequently I was booked for surgery on a Tuesday and allocated to a ward. At the ward, I met a young man who also was booked for surgery on similar case of Fungi disease. So both of us became friends and together were sharing thought and ideas.

On the day of his own surgery, after exchanging pleasantly in the morning as he prepared to enter theatre, I wished him Success, expecting to meet with him again to share the experience. Thereafter he was wheeled into the theatre by 10 am and by 6pm I called his son to enquire what the situation was and he said there was no response yet from the Chief Surgeon, that the dad was still in the theatre.

I waited and again called the son by 12 am which was about 14hrs he entered theatre, it was then he said they have not made any categorical statement on his father’s condition but had requested the presence of his uncle and mother.

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At that point I became jittery and could not sleep again. Further enquiry at dawn revealed the man bled to death. When the boy eventually brokered the tragic news of his father, it shook the very foundation of my hope of survival.

If it was possible to escape we would have done that in the night. But as God would have it, the surgeon visited and informed us that my surgery would be suspended because of an impromptu senior management meeting coming up next day.

He, therefore, suggested a new date that I should be brought back for the surgery. I was so relieved for their decision because I have concluded not to undergo any surgery again even if that would lead to my death. Consequently, I was discharged and we went home. Later we leant that the sudden decision to discharge us quickly was born out of the fear of having us known what happened to my friend.

As we returned home, my wife and I concluded that the idea of surgery should be put in abeyance until God would confirm if undergoing surgery is His will. And that confirmation must be through a revelation from a member of Chosen from another Branch.

Meanwhile, God graciously continued to sustain me through the fervent prayers of our General Overseer.

And I was also taking regularly the antibiotics the doctor prescribed. One of the days we met with the General Overseer, He made us understand that his prayer has the potency to see me through in any situation, regardless of how ugly that situation may be. He assured us of a successful surgery although according to him, he knows how critical that could be but God upholds the prayer of His messenger.

Of course, we never doubted the efficacy of his prayers because we are witnesses to thousands who have benefited from his prayers. Nevertheless, whenever we remembered the soured story of that my co-patient, anxiety would set in and shook the foundation of my faith.

I battled this emotional trauma for months until last January when a sister from another Branch visited us and shared a dream she had about me. In that revelation according to her, the General Overseer was presiding over a Vigil and suddenly paused and enquired about my state of health.

And repeatedly he asked who knows if I had done the surgery. As he continued asking, a brother and sister rose from the congregation and claimed that they had visited me at the hospital and could affirm that the surgery was successful, in fact they reported that I was hale and hearty and would soon join in the prayer meetings.

As soon as the duo gave this good report, the General Overseer elated and she woke up. After the sister finished her story, I became thrilled and told my wife we should not wait for further confirmation, that God has spoken loud and clear through the revelation given to the sister.

As at that time, we have started finding it difficult to afford the money for the drugs, so we began to give serious attention to the idea of surgery.

Then came a day that crises occurred and I was this time taken unconsciously again by ambulance to LUTH and was admitted almost in a state of coma. To be concluded next week

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