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Just a few hours to the Lockdown season’s grand finale, the finalists were treated to one last Saturday night party, this time with evicted housemates in attendance.

It was all fun until the party ended and housemate, Nengi broke down in tears, lamenting that most of the evicted housemates who she thought were her friends ignored her during the party, including her ‘best friend’ Ozo.

Laycon, Vee and the other housemates tried to console and encourage her to forget about the people that ignored her and channel her mind to those that love and root for her.

Nengi amid tears said once she gets out of the show, she will end whatever friendship she has with Ozo.

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Reacting to Nengi’s action, some Nigerians on Twitter, as usual, kicked against her action, calling it an “emotional blackmail” against Ozo, while some pleaded with fans to take it easy on her.

Here are some reactions gathered on Twitter.

@Isi_George “Not everybody truly deserves the depth of your vulnerability. Nengi will learn. She deserves better. Way better. The best female HM this season. Loyal and consistent. I can’t wait for her to launch into the greatness that awaits her… #BBNaija#Nengi”

@Biisi96 “Ozo followed Nengi up and down like fly for the most part of the show. She told him several times she just wants to be friends and he kept doing him. She liked him as a friend When he came out of the house he defended all he did on the show That’s why this new energy is funny”

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@DondeonBeke “Nengi was loyal to Ozo sha, forget the bants. That she didn’t want a relationship didn’t or doesn’t mean she didn’t feel genuine emotions for him. They’re friends. That has some responsibilities and expectations.”

@Osi_Suave “Small ignore. Lmaoooooooooooooooooo E clear say Nengi no get problems when dey disturb am . Man ignore you and you are crying.”

@Samuelisgrea8 “Ozo made us proud this night, welcome back brother, u deserve more than you got previously, Nengi made everything hard for him, disgraced him on.nqtional TV, no nah , Laycon just wan make Nengi to.feel alright, Trust me nobody on earth would have acted differently.”

@EWAWUNMIII “When I was telling y’all that Ozo never loved Nengi as he claimed, he was only playing his game, you people think I was capping??Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing
Anything for the Mulla and since he has been evicted, he’s back to his real selfRolling on the floor laughing”

@EdmundOris “Ozo with a last min penalty screamer, Bruno Fernandez style for Patriarchy FC.
Nengi in shock and in tears, thinking the final whistle has been blown, but alas, a rude awakening.
We’ve seen Penalties given after the final whistle, ask Brighton. WWWWW”

@BbnaijaAnalyst “Laycon has the ability to advise his friends without dragging the person being discussed. He’s done it with Vee, Neo and now, he’s encouraging Nengi without insulting Ozo at all. He says Ozo must have his reasons for his actions.”

@Letter_to_Jack “So Nengi enjoyed the way Ozo was following her around like a lost puppy despite all the telling offs and the insults?? Women can be very strange. Really.”

@AsyDarlyn “Nengi don vex oo!! She said when she comes out she’d ignore OzoDisappointed faceWeary faceWeary face. Who paid for asoebi? Your money have loss ooLoudly crying face #bbnaija”
@DeliciousAmina “Nengi is actually confirming that she accepted Ozo’s clingy nature and limited the way she socialized with other housemates just to make him happy. Nna.
Babe, abeg just come home tomorrow. E don do. You haf try!”

@AfroVII “Anyone that ignores Nengi better be able to maintain the energy tomorrow and after. Lol. Because the babe is really sweet and she makes people feel comfortable. She’s such a sweet girl. E pain me.”

@sevafagb “People are blaming Nengi for Nigerians dragging Ozo. How was it her fault? She also got dragged from day 1. Ozo is just someone that doesn’t have a mind of his own..It’s obvious he was told to ignore her, Nengi just got surprised that he left as a friend & came as an enemy #BBNaija”

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