Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is a route that engulfs a lot of pros and cons. At the same time, only the strong and willed people pull through by coming out successful.

Real estate is known as one of the most lucrative and fast competitive growing business in Nigeria.

Starting a real estate business is a thoughtful career choice that comes off tasking whether as an investor or a realtor, focusing more on birthing and moulding a distinct and creative company whose objectives, aims and packages stands out amongst the millions of real estate enterprises.

An average Nigerian would want an average and affordable but comfortable apartment, while the rich would obviously go for a luxurious uptown and urban deluxe home. This is where a real estate company comes in, to meet customers of different personalities and caliber’s wanted.

However, starting a real estate enterprise to be successful, one ought to be knowledgeable and be at alert to clients and information. A lot needs to be put into consideration in order to yield the best.

Starting up a real estate company, he or she needs to build up, innovate strategies to plan the business in order to defeat the competitive market.

A business plan and strategy is essential for a real estate start up, and one of the best advice given is to start little and as time goes on, a huge investment is required, followed by a strategic means to grow the firm’s portfolio.

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Branding, which is all about creating a perception about your business, in the minds of people, by giving customers value for their money and also building, engaging them on a personal level. Also, creating premium branding identities, such as logo, website, adverts and more.

Just like Elite Castle, the real estate firm had a mindset, to be distinct, and saw the need to start up a Luxurious real estate firm, new and far from the usual, Elite Castle Limited started from the high demand for luxurious mouth watering and comfortable homes by wealthy and well to -do clients.



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