…As Iwo princes, residents rally support for monarch

By Shina Abubakar

The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi has denied punching the Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa, Oba Dhikurulahi Akinropo despite an altercation that ensued during a peace meeting at the AIG’s office.

The monarch, who was addressing journalists at the Correspondents’ Chapel in Osogbo, said he was not aware of how Agbowu sustained the injury on his cheek.

He said the traditional rulers in his domain were oppressing peasant landowners in their respective communities by forcefully grabbing their lands.

Oba Akanbi added that many landowners have become destitute after their lands were seized without any compensation and were also oppressed with state law agents by their oppressors.

“I want you to tell the whole world that I, Oba Abdulrosheed did not punch the Agbowu at any point during the meeting. Although, he was rude to me during the meeting which almost led to an altercation but I didn’t punch him. I don’t know how he came about the scratch on his face. Whatever is in the media out there was an act of mischief by those who want to manipulate the media to their own advantage.

If I had wanted to be a boxing king, I would do that better in Iwo where I had meetings with them on the need to stop indiscriminate selling of lands, especially lands that belong to common man.

What I was telling them is to stop grabbing peoples’ lands and using the police force to oppress them. This monarchs were living in poverty before they ascended those thrones, only to turn against their subjects. I have never sold any land rather I provide means of livelihood to the people and that is what I am fighting against.”

Meanwhile Princes from Iwo royal houses had earlier in the morning embarked on street rallies in solidarity with the Oluwo, insisting that an affront on Oluwo stool is a contempt against Iwo land.

The protesters marched through major streets in the ancient city singing different solidarity songs and also condemning insolence against paramount traditional rulers by other monarchs.

Princes Adetoso Adedapo and Abolusode Adebayo who led the two groups through Odo-Ori, Oke-ola, and Ori-eru Isale-Oba to the palace said it was meant to galvanise residents support for the monarch.

The protesters were mainly youths and women, while those with grievances against the other monarchs also joined the procession.

Speaking at the Oluwo’s palace, Prince Adetoso condemned the deliberate attempt to incite the public against Oba Adewale by other monarchs in the area, saying the major cause behind the misunderstanding is an inordinate disposition of Peoples’ land by the monarchs.

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He also condemned the alleged attempt to poke Oluwo’s eyes by the Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa during the peace meeting at the AIG’s office in Osogbo, describing it as an act of contempt against the stool.

‘’Sometime in August, Oluwo held a meeting with all the 35 monarchs under his authority, where they agreed to stop indiscriminate selling of lands across Iwo land and that Oluwo would append his signature to the ones they have sold in the past.

Oluwo also cautioned them to stop addressing themselves as Onigege of Igege land, but should rather be addressed as Onigege of Iwo land for those who are outside the town to know the description of where Onigege is located. It was also agreed that every signboard in Ile-Ogbo and other towns should be corrected as Ile-Ogbo of Iwo land, of which they agreed to including the Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa himself.



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