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By Juliet Umeh

Although Christmas season is over,  festive celebration is still on, as the new year just begun today. No doubt, many people are still travelling from one place to the other to make the beginning of a new decade a memorable one.

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With reckless and drunk driving on the rise during this time, Uber said it will like to offer riders and drivers a safety tips  when moving from one point to another.

The tips include:

Always check

When you request a ride, keep an eye out for road hazards and no-stopping zones. Try to find somewhere safe for your driver to stop:  Use the messaging feature in the app to let your loved ones know where you are.

Check your ride

Remember that Uber offers a check your ride feature.  It allows riders to have a clear view of the driver’s license plate, photo and car make/model to verify it is  the right vehicle. As a double precaution, Real-Time ID Check prompts drivers to take photos of them to make sure that the right driver is behind the wheel.

Peak time Madness

In any festive season, the demand for a service like Uber naturally rises which means you might find your trip‘s price has increased or dropped compared to your typical cost estimate. This is no bug; it’s actually part of Uber’s dynamic pricing strategy, where a number of factors are used to calculate the price for a ride. Providing a service that adapts to the surrounding traffic and rider climate is what makes Uber unique. Dynamic pricing encourages more drivers to get out on the road to serve you on the busiest night of the year and users will be made aware upfront before they accept the trip and once the demand and supply are balanced if you weigh up the convenience of getting an Uber, there really is no better investment.

You can even split the fare in the app anytime before your trip ends, making group outings a lot easier on your wallet. You can also check out our Multiple Destinations feature, which allows you to enter at most 3 stops (including your final destination). There’s nothing better than getting home with your friends and making sure everyone’s safe!

Safety features at your fingertips

With a quick tap, you can use the  ySafety Toolkit  function to access the  Trusted Contacts & Share Trip  function to share where you are and where you’re headed with anyone in your device’s contact list so they can follow your ride in real time. If they’re waiting for you at home, they might even be waiting with Uber Eats for you when you arrive!

“In the unlikely event you encounter an emergency during your ride,  RideCheck  is one of our newly launched safety features for riders and drivers, which can detect anomalies, like an unexpected long stop, and  proactively surfaces tools riders and drivers may need to get help.”

Get in touch 24/7

Through in-app support, you can be assisted with any lost items or trip related issues such as the wrong fare.

“We also have an IRT call-back line, which gives you access direct access our 24/7 Incident Response Team. This is not an emergency line please call the local police for an emergency.”

For any safety-related matters, Uber’s Incident Response Team is always on call to respond immediately to any reported incidents or accidents. In the event that the Police get involved, our Law Enforcement Relations Team are always  there to respond to urgent needs and walk the police through how Uber can assist .in an investigation.

Keeping the Uber community great

Encouraging a safe, positive and respectful environment, has always been at the forefront when it comes to ensuring that all those that use the Uber app, always feel comfortable and are aware of what is deemed as acceptable behaviour when it comes to moving around with Uber.

“With the newly updated Community Guidelines, users can be sure to know what behaviour is required of them when using the Uber app. To learn more about these guidelines please see  here.

Christmas and new prayer points of a struggling citizen(Opens in a new browser tab)

Entertainment this December just got a whole lot more exciting as Uber has partnered with Hennessy Artistry, Copacabana, The LOS Gala   and Davido’s ‘A Good Time Concert’   to offer festival goers discounted tips to and from the venues. This festive season is sure to be amazing, and with Uber by your side, you’re bound to have a smooth ride all through the holidays.



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