By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood superstar actress, Iyabo Ojo has made a declaration that she can never forgive a lover who hates her kids. The actress cum producer made the statement in reaction to a quiz by Potpourri on what could make her never to forgive a lover or a spouse. Without any form of hesitation she spilled the beans.

“The only thing I can never forgive a spouse or lover is if he hates my kids,” she said. It is easy to empathise with the actress given her story as her mother. Iyabo had single-handedly raised her two children, Festus and Priscilla, without the love and support of their father who, according to the actress never showed her love or supported and later abandoned them to their fate. She made the revelation in a viral video she recently dedicated to single mothers for their courage and strength.

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In tears the Fespris World boss had said, “I remember when I got married and on my wedding day I discovered my husband did not love me. On my wedding night he said, “ I did not love you, I only married you because you are pregnant.”

I gave my life to Christ again and healed him because I could not just walk out of a marriage I just got into, and I decided to have my son in church and the first time my boy popped  out, every pain I felt, every sadness, every guilt, every blame, everything just went away because I put all the love in that boy (Festus) and I loved him with all my heart and I never extended any hate to him nor did I ever make him see this tears I shed. today.

And I made a vow that I would give him all the love because he did not beg to come into this world, I brought him into this world I would take care of him and today I am so happy that God has answer my prayers and in the process of trying to make my marriage work I discovered I was pregnant again and this time the situation was eve worse, it was worse because my husband was gone even while we were together.

And I tried, I tried to love him with every bit of me, I tried to give him everything but he wasn’t understanding my kind of love, and I did’t blame him because we were two people worlds apart. We come from different parts, different families and our thinking and beliefs were so different.

And when I was about to have my baby girl there was no money, and all I had was N300. I didn’t want the baby but Priscilla just wanted to come, and so I had to beg a nurse to help me deliver my baby in her room because she lived few blocks away from me. With no medication, with no attention I had my baby in a room.”

Iyabo further revealed what she went through trying to raise the two children on her own, without money and without a husband to show love. She gave reasons she finally decided to walk away from the marriage.

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“You don’t want to know what I have gone through every day. I had to let go of the marriage. I needed my sanity to move on and to take care of these kids, I needed to focus on my children and you may call me selfish but these kids didn’t beg to come into this world, I brought them into this world and I just have to raise them on my own.

But my tears and tears of joy today is because I didn’t only raise my children, trust me, I have raised so many other people’s children, people I do not even know and those that I know, family and those that are not family and every one became family.

We all have a story to tell and I have forgiven my husband and I have prayed that wherever he is he should move on just like I have moved on. God bless all mothers, I love all mothers, all good mothers, all strong mothers God will do it for you,” she added.



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