By Dennis Agbo

A southeast group, the Zikist-Buharist-Movement, ZBM, has encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari to subject the joy of his recent victory at Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, PEPT, to more commitment in addressing the infrastructural deficiencies of the South East.

Muhammadu Buhari

It also told President Buhari that the victory should be a good ground to consummate rotational presidency and cede the 2023 Nigeria presidency to a person of South-East origin.

The group in expressing happiness over the unanimous decision of the Tribunal reminded President Buhari that the region was still in dire need of resuscitating the decayed infrastructure in the zone such as the federal highways, the Eastern railway and the Enugu coal which have all collapsed.

In its congratulatory message, chairman and secretary of the group, Stanley Ohajuruka and Godwin Onwusi, respectively, said “ZBM once more congratulate Mr President and use this auspicious victory to remind him to urgently address the dilapidated federal roads in the South East, Second Niger Bridge, Port Harcourt-Maiduguri Railways line, the none existence of Gas pipelines in the region, especially Nnewi industrial zone, and revamp Enugu Coal.

“Your Excellency, your remaining four years is important to us, because of the trust the international investors and lenders have on you, due to your uncommon integrity quotient; we, therefore, plead that South East is adequately considered to avoid the exodus of our youths to South Africa and other places.”

On the tribunal verdict, ZBM said it was at a loss why eminent senior lawyers of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, relied heavily and inadvertently on a server unknown to the Electoral Act 2010, and the 1999 Constitution; hence neglecting the ancient position of jurisprudence and trite law that one can build something out of nothing.

The group also noted that it was an embarrassing national joke of the year to argue that President Buhari who attended Katsina Provincial College, Mons Officer Military Cadet Academy in Aldershot, England, United Military College in Pennsylvania, and who was a former Head of State; did not meet the fine conditions of qualification intended by the spirit and letters of our constitution and extant laws.

“For the avoidance of doubt may ZBM refresh our memories that President Buhari’s 12 million Vote-Bank has been a recurrent decimal since 2003,2007,2011,2015 and to 2019 presidential elections, evidence of his cult-followership.

“In this connection, we call on the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo to congratulate Mr President for his well-deserved victory; as we wait for the turn of the South-East geopolitical zone in 2023, going by the zoning convention,” ZBM said.



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