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April 10, 2019

Customs lament decline in trade compliance

Olusemire Kayode

By Eguono Odjegba

The Controller,  Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘C’, Comptroller Olusemire Kayode, has expressed worry over alleged falling compliance in the clearance of imported cargo into the country and urged importers and their clearing agents to embrace responsible business behaviour to support economic growth.

This is even as the Unit recovered over Four Hundred and Forty-Two Million Naira (N442million) from seizures of items in contravention of the extant laws, between January and March 2019; within the Benin axis of the Unit alone. Items seized include both brand new and fairly used vehicles, rice and furniture.

A statement made available to  Vanguard Maritime Report and signed by the Unit Public Relations Officer, Chioma Onuoha, quoted the Unit Controller as saying that some of the posh cars, which included a Rolls Royce and Brabus G Wagon, have been imported without an end-user certificate, EUC.

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According to the statement, “despite several appeals to smugglers to turn a new leaf, some are still bent on smuggling and sabotaging the economy of the nation.”

He also stated that the rising compliance level had suffered a setback going by the number of seizures recorded from January till date.

He said, “Look at the Rolls Royce that they tried to smuggle through the bush. I do not know what to say about the person who did this but whoever imported this bourgeoisie car want to sabotage the economy by not paying the appropriate duty. There is also the Brabus G Wagon intercepted without payment of duty. We need to appeal to our conscience to move this country ahead.

Brand new and used luxury vehicles that are bulletproof should come with an end-user certificate from the national security adviser.”

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