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March 26, 2019

What’s your take on INEC’s statement that no election is perfect

42 CSOs allege plot by NASS to manipulate key provisions of Electoral Act Bill

File photo of a voter uses a smartphone to photograph his details on a voters’ list displayed at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) central office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on March 8, 2019. (AFP)

Many Nigerians are known for irresponsibility and corruption.
INEC’s response to the criticisms simply means no one is immune to being power drunk. That is one of the reasons requests for the release of official card reader data of accredited voters and other requests are being disregarded.
Miss Anyanwu Amarachi, Student

Saying that no election is perfect is highly preposterous, given the fact they had almost four years to prepare. Nigerians trusted them as an independent body to conduct the polls but I guess INEC doesn’t deserve that trust and it is a big shame on the part of the establishment.
AdegbenroAdewale, Human resource officer

It’s a disgrace for INEC to say that no election is perfect. It seems there was nothing like election in this country. Maybe INEC officials decided among themselves to choose our representatives. The electoral process gives room for people to elect their leaders but INEC disenfranchised us. What then is democracy?
Sule Emmanuel, Student

The statement by INEC was absurd. They are taking Nigerians for granted. Yes, no election is perfect but ours was a colossal failure, and undeserving of a democratic tag.
Their arrogant response , speaks to a deeper problem affecting our nation, the tolerance for mediocrity, flimsy excuses for failures and pride in incompetence.
Miss Desmond Natu, Student


I would have agreed if all  the parties were given equal recognition in the game played by INEC. However, no Nigerians can conduct elections in this country without bias because of cash flow and pressure from the ruling party.
Nigerian with soiled hands can criticise INEC. Although all these illegal acts were initiated by PDP, this is the first time we are having inconclusive elections.
Alolo Suleiman, Student

INEC’s response is the usual excuse to justify deliberate failure and incompetence. INEC can’t explain failure with the afterthought of universal imperfection of human elections. Militarisation of a civilian process, use of brigandage, money,  and intimidation of voters among other electoral vices, were condoned by INEC in the interest of the establishment. Nigerians do not this type of INEC leadership.
Oluyemi Fasipe,
Social Media Influencer
By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou, Yinka Latona,
Chiamaka Uba & Dickson Omobola


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