By Denrele Animasaun

‘Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction’-  Criss Jami

There is a famous saying that; a day is a long time in politics. This is more of an understatement! In particular, with the burgeoning bromance of Obasanjo and Atiku. Who would have thought it?

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar

For an elder statesman, this move is less than honourable as it is general knowledge that there is bad blood between the two and it resulted in casualties during the ensuing decade long feud.

It was a case of would they, or would they not, to really, then seriously?

How did that happen and when did this happen?

That is a very good question especially, for those who have witnessed the drama at close quarters, know that there was no love lost between the two.

There was serious name calling, put downs, insults and innuendos. Suddenly, they are pals?

But then, of course, it is not surprising to know that politics is the second oldest profession after prostitution. In fact, it is very similar: both professions change partners ever so often and often money, does change hands.

Atiku is a walk-over in 2019 – Sen Ndume

This new love-in,should not fool anyone,well, except those with a serious case of amnesia.

This is the very same man, who ‘God will not forgive him’ if he endorsed Atiku. So we can only assume now it is safe for him to do otherwise, after some divine consultation.

Yes, and they say old soldiers never die but that they fade away. No, not this old soldier. OBJ is doing his level best to stay relevant and visible.

It is becoming his thing: Action man-to be present right, left and centre.

The truth be told,it is not necessary, sometimes maintaining a dignified silence is much more golden and honourable. There is so much respect in maintaining a degree of reverence and honesty.

We can not take anything as gospel. OBJ may have very well changed his mind depending on which way his conscience blows.

History has shown that he is very changeable and meddlesome .

You think OBJ should know Atiku Abubakar. Atiku, being the candidate of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP),was also the former vice president in the Obasanjo administration from 1999-2007.

So why now is there a thawing in their decade long toxic relationship?

Interestingly,they both have their agendas:Atiku, is happy to be seen with OBJ, as he believes OBJ still has some credibility left amongst the party grassroots. On the other hand, OBJ, is keen to be the king maker. He has got form and so we are to believe that the words of exchange and name calling is all but forgotten or that it never happened.

Maybe it did not, for those with blinkers on. Perhaps, he is preaching to the gullible audience.

It is amusing to hear OBJ waxing lyrical about his new found friend: “You have the capacity to perform better than the incumbent. You surely understand the economy better; you have business experience, which can make your administration business-friendly and boost the economy and provide jobs”

Unbelievable. You can not make it up.

And he went on: “Whenever or wherever you might have offended me, as a Christian who asks for God’s forgiveness of my sins and inadequacies on a daily basis, I forgive and I sincerely advise you to learn from the past”

Not sounding convincing, when you read between the lines.

If OBJ is ‘sincerely advising Atiku to learn from the past’, this does not sound too promising.

The deception is becoming clear:OBJ is not very convinced that Atiku has turned a new leaf,neither have most Nigerians.

This man has no shame.

For the years, Atiku was his vice President, and he had nothing of note to show in terms of tangible achievements.

So what can he now offer the people of Nigeria?. Surely, it will be more or less of the same?

A gentle reminder that in August last year,OBJ was singing a different tune about Atiku; that “Atiku can never enjoy” his support for political office. In an interview OBJ, said God will never forgive him if he backs Atiku’s presidential ambition.

This is despite, the fact he denied not holding personal grudges against Atiku but said he only works with anyone “working for the good of Nigeria”. Such patriotism and selflessness.

And that: “If I support Atiku for anything, God will not forgive me. If I do not know, yes. But once I know, Atiku can never enjoy my support.”

“It is not a question of working with or not working with an individual. If you are working for the good of Nigeria, I am working with you. If you are not working for the good of Nigeria, it does not matter who you are, I am not working with you.

He added that his opposition to Atiku’s ambition is only within the political sector and does not translate to other spheres of their lives. OBJ, said it about politics and nothing more: “on political grounds, my position has not changed. If I support Atiku for a political office other than the one I supported him in the past when I did not know him … God will not forgive me” someone is speaking double Dutch.

It seems that all is forgiven, how magnanimous is OBJ.

The truth on the other hand, will be difficult to forget where OBJ is concerned.

Voice of Reason Archive 2010 -Ebora Owu in Trouble-  Kola Animasaun

My father, Abul-Lateef Adisa Animasaun, worked for Chief Okupe for some years until he decided to go on his own. He handled cash and credit for the man that Nigerians knew far and wide as Agbonmagbe. He was also known as Agbonmagbe Bank.

Agbonmagbe ran a good bank that the Western Regional Government bought it off him and then it became the Wema Bank. Till the end of the time of Chief Okupe, the chief and my father were good friends. My father would seek advice from him. My father died many years ago at 82.

My father was such a trustworthy fellow, he could be trusted with cash and confidence. In private conversation, Okupe knew him as Omoluabi (a trustworthy person). To be sure, my father was never a very rich man (he was never a poor man either) but he was a contented man till the end of his life.

He kept accounts of his transactions even when it concerned his children and that included me.

My father had a pet saying that if a man was a thief, a fornicator, or a liar, he just didn’t have one thing – he simply did not have shame. Of course, he was not original. It was the saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He said if a man has no shame,he would do anything.

The papers were full of the shameful acts of most Nigerians last Sunday concerning the coming out of the prison of Bode George. They said he was looking very “ebullient and refreshed.”

Of course, one of the papers wrote “his release would have been solemn” but it “turned out to be a carnival of some sort.”

The former President, Obasanjo, was at the thanksgiving service at the premier Anglican Church, the Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos as well as the Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel and many others.

His supporters turned out in white, blue and lemon green coloured T-shirts emblazoned with George’s image.

It means we have finally glorified thievery. So, it means we can, many of our leaders, go to jail and come back to give thanks for getting out alive and have to enjoy the loot as if nothing has happened. The Yoruba sense of morality has gone to the dogs and we cannot preach any sense of pride.

Some people have the sense of occasion and they are contrite.They, who will not make any noise, went home quietly. We did not hear of Aminu Dabo, Olusegun Abidoye, Abdullahi Tafida, Zanna Maidaribe and Sule Aliyu.





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