By Dennis Agbo, Enugu

Anglican Bishiop of Enugu Episcopal province, Archbishop Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma has reacted to the controversies generated by Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s conduct of the 2018 Bazaar at his catholic church parish, Emene-Enugu. Excerpts:

What are your reactions to issues emanating from Fr. Mbaka’s last Sunday bazaar?

One is very much disturbed about the way Mbaka is going with his prophecy. One wonders if the Roman Catholic church has a check on their priests. For me, I think that Mbaka should better resign from being a priest to a businessman or a political jingoist, because you don’t force people to give offering or give donation. Moreover, he was so arrogant and was insulting the persons that came. You don’t have to force them or give them conditional way of donation because it was a condition he gave them that if they didn’t give they wouldn’t succeed. It is not right and he should remember his background, his father was an idol worshipper that was even a dibia (native doctor), so he cannot tell me he has any power. I have not seen any miracle that has done in Mbaka’s ministry to say that probably eyes were opened. All his prophecies failed! During the time of Chimaroke (Nnamani) he said that Chimaroke would not go for a second term, Chimaroke would die but Chimaroke finished and went to the senate and came back. He promised he was going to resign but he didn’t resign. He prophesied again that   Buhari would come, Buhari has come but that Buhari has messed up because Buhari did not give him oil well and that was what he told the governor of Kano state that in all the people that Buhari is giving allocation, are they better than him? Is he for business or for wining souls? One wonders. Again, who do you blame? You blame those who go there thinking that Mbaka has something to offer. Mbaka has nothing to offer, its false prophecies that he is giving and those who themselves pray to him will lose and will not gain anything. So I advise all those who think that salvation is in Mbaka’s altar to desist from it and Mbaka should stop harassing people with his false prophecy.

Fr. Mbaka

What does the Bible say about donations and gifts?

It says God loves a cheerful giver but you should not give by compulsion. Its a voluntary thing from your heart and no dictation, no falsehood, you don’t have to force somebody to give, you give voluntarily, that’s what God wants. You don’t have to tell somebody conditionally that if you don’t do this you will not succeed or you will fail or you begin to talk rubbish to somebody because he did not give to you. Like Peter Obi, well Peter Obi made a mistake by going there but again I commend Peter Obi for not succumbing to that false prophecy and harassment, its unfortunate. So those who go to Mbaka should know that they are going there only to be extorted and will lose. Mbaka has no strong spiritual prophecy to prevail in anybody’s life and whether you like it or not power belongs to God and God’s own will, will prevail over every politician. Again politicians should stop deceiving themselves.

What is your expectation from the Catholic Church over this matter?

The catholic church knows, from the reactions I got from some some reverend fathers, that Mbaka is disgracing priesthood of reverend fathers. All these things that he is doing are not part of the liturgy.  I went to a Roman catholic school and I have not seen Reverend fathers behaving this way.  Mbaka is a business man and that should be taken note of and so he should stop this ministry of business and face the ministry of spirituality and salvation.

What advice do you have for Nigerians as we go into 2019 elections?

People should look unto God who is the author and finisher of life and stop deceiving themselves by thinking that they are going to certain altars to get what they want. God said call me in the time of trouble and I will answer you. Face your God and cry to God. All of us should look unto God and power belongs to God.

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