By Denrele Animasaun

‘You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny’ Roy T. Bennett

– Out with old year, in with the New Year

As the year comes to an end, it is important to give thanks for life and blessings, no matter the size.Life and living is a gift denied to some. They say, when there is life,there is hope. It is true, that no matter how hard it is to believe especially when times are hard.

Nigeria with all its challenges,upheavals and obstacles remains home to millions of Nigerians and the only place many of us, truly feel eternally connected.  It is home,our hearth and our own corner of the world.

In the midst of all the scandals and gross inequalities, many of us cling to hope, a shakeable but unbreakable faith that in the end,Nigerians collectively will get the country back on track and working,thriving for all and not just the few.

To be frank, we are a recalcitrant and contumacious bunch;over the decades,we have lost our moral compass,customs  and values. Poverty has made many monsters, avaricious and unfeeling.

We have to go back to basics, what made us who we were as a people and as a country: neighbourly, united,warm and hospitable .

It is not hard to believe, we once were and we can be again. We have to be again.

There is hope: we are a resilient lot and particularly, our young people and  in spite of the hardship and lack of opportunities, they have carved the niche to stand out.  Whatever success they make or try to make is as a result of the tenacity of the Nigerian spirit in them.The determination to make it no matter what, is insatiable.

Hopefully, they will do more for the better because that’s what Nigeria needs, people who are not afraid to do decent and honest work and invigorate our economy and attract investment and safe environment to encourage similar minded people to grow.

At the end of 2017, I wrote:

Next year, hopeful that the government will do more to help all Nigerians and provide robust  and sustainable employment opportunities, incentivise international  investors to create business opportunities across the country and create more jobs and ancillary industries as a result.

The narrative of Nigeria being Africa’s largest nation with its biggest economy is meaningless and without merit. Time now is for Nigeria to live up to its true potential; start by improving lowest ranking in the social  indicators in the Sub-Saharan African average. Nigerians cannot truly say they have made progress and improve the lives of millions of Nigerians.  The country has to look at places like the Emirates and  in particular, Dubai, a success story of building an opulent oasis in a desert. They have successfully diversified from oil wealth reliance and they have done much to make their institutions as places of excellence.

It is not lofty to think that Nigeria could become an incredible and impressive country after all; it had all the raw ingredients”.

So, as we close the chapter on 2018, our politicians have spectacularly failed to grapple with the concerns for most Nigerians: ingrained abject poverty, mass unemployment, raising mental ill health, erosion of  institutions, poor infrastructure establishments, insecurity, highest level abuse and violence, high rates of mortality rates among infants, children under the age of five and maternal deaths. This new year every voting age Nigerian should hold in their hand, the power to make the difference with their votes.

Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit to hit $878bn by 2040 — SEC

No one and in particularly  the politicians have the magic wand or the commitment to change the fortunes of Nigeria.  History has shown that they promise so much and hardly deliver.  We are what Nigeria is waiting for, every home, every street, every town,city,state and establishments  have to make that change for the better because, this calls for the collective-together we move forward. They have no one else to blame if they sell their votes for rice or a few Naira. They say,a country deserves the government they vote for. Blame game would not wash. So which way,Nigerians?

May the new year bring glad tidings and a begining for our young,old,men women and children across the nation.

Wishing you all the very best for the new year!

‘No one saves us but ourselves.

No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path’-Gautama Buddha

I saw this doing the rounds , supposedly from Hafsat Abiola regarding shady activities of politician and struck a chord:

When did it become a crime for politicians to play politics?

Were they not voted in to play politics?

Will it be wrong to develop our roads, infrastructure, free education, return oil blocks to the State instead of individuals?

What is this noise all about?

Jonathan was voted for by the South West in 2011, the same SW voted for Buhari in 2015, what is all this noise all about the SW going for Buhari?

Obasanjo, the direct beneficiary of #June12 is from the same State with MKO, why didn’t he play politics and declare June 12?

Jonathan had opportunity for 5 years to do same, he rather gave Abacha from the North posthumous honours, pardoned Ex-convict from the West, Alams from the South…

What do you call that?  Stop dividing us over religion, who is fooling who? Let’s wake up.” It gives food for thought…

‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’—William Shakespeare

From my archives-Why can’t politicians relinquish power ?

Each person matters; no human life is redundant. Every individual must be given the opportunity to live a life in which his or her basic needs are provided for and in which, so far as it is reasonably possible, their full potential is realised”-Cardinal Basil Hume

I received a post in my mail box, sometime last week, that tweaked my interest. The post you will see (included an excerpt below) in it, it gave names of some of our politicians and the length of time they had been in the political arena. And as far as we are made to believe, they would like to remain in seat post 2015. This is a desperate state of affairs. When do they think of handing the baton over to younger people or maybe the old saying that “old soldier never dies”? So we assume like old soldiers, our politicians will fade away? I don’t think there is a chance of that happening anytime soon. They seem to be fixated to the allure of power and they have dug themselves so like the old despot, Idi Amin, they want to remain President for life! Have they ever considered that the younger people are looking at them and learning their ways? So what happens when they are no longer physically able to “govern?” Then we will have a vacuum so dangerously wide that there would be no one capable to fill it. They, the politicians are squandering the young peoples’ future through their neglect and dereliction of duty. So what have they done to include our young in nation building, have they invested in their well being or citizenship? So where would the next up and coming citizens come from, who will be worthy of holding public office? Bamanga Tukur -was the Governor of the defunct Gongola State.




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