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Result of unresolved marital conflicts

By Pastor Okokon Ating

Indeed, we know that nearly every marriage sometimes can go through the period of delusion, but when it goes beyond the state of hope of survival, such can be replaced by sadness, hurt and despair. “Feeling hopeless is contagious”. It is contagious because it can be transmitted to the ignorant generation yet unborn.

It breeds unacceptance by people and the com-munity sometimes. One is seen as an irresponsible person who does not know how to handle mar-riage. It may lead to ridicu-lous nickname. E.g. Father of my children or mother of my children.

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Unresolved conflicts lead-ing to divorce also cause an individual to be stigma-tized and scorned reproa-chfully.

  1. Love and sex denial, food and clothing or shelt-er denial
  2. Denial of healthcare, family identity, security and attention
  3. Other basic needs such as education, skill acqui-sition may not be en-couraged
  4. Physical victimization in form of battering that in-flict heart attack on your spouse
  5. Denial of help e.g. in some African settings, women are allowed to fend for themselves and their children as if they are widows or slaves
  1. Hypertension or high blood pressure as a result of worries and frustration about life, this bring about unrest of mind
  2. Stroke, mental disorder or madness.

Oppression and supp-ression is the devil’s tool to destroy homes, this is why we must not let our anger or emotions take control over us.

Conflict is inevitable as long as two different peo-ple are involved but let’s apply maturity and the fear of God to conquer every agent and tricks of the devil to break our homes. There is no marriage without some hitches.

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