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PR man, Yung Miraboi Mark accuses singer, Zoro, of owing him money

By Ayo Onikoyi

The relationship between singing Nigerian artiste, Zoro, and his former PR man, Miracle Kelechi Chike, popularly known as Yung Miraboi Mark, has gone south. The crack in their cordial association became grimly evident when the PR expert called out the singer on Twitter, accusing him of owing him paltry 30 thousand naira for over a year now.

“@iam_nonnyjay @zoroswagbag If you don’t pay me my money I will keep on spreading this viral online …. You called yourself a celebrity deceiving people with fake life and you are owing me 30K for how many months now… Benz Owner can’t pay 30K for how many months You are a disgrace to Nigeria and your fans,” he tweeted.

What might have angered the PR man the more is the fact Zoro only recently bought a Mercedes Benz few months ago and has since been painting the town red without any recourse to settling the business deal between the two of them.

Yung Miraboi Mark is a business man from Abia State but born and bred in Lagos. He said it is not the amount that matters to him but the way he was treated over the deal.

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