The Delta State University, Abraka, one of the leading universities in Nigeria recently did what many will consider unusual and extremely charitable when she made a separate cash donations of N1.8 million and N250,000 for a prosthetic foot and completion of university education respectively for one Miss Lawal Karimat, a 300 level student of the History and International Relations of Osun State University.

L-R: Dr (Mrs) Nwabuoku, Prof (Mrs) Ugoji, the DVC (Admin) Prof (Mrs) Roseline Aziza, Dr. Ufuophu-Biri, Dr ( Mrs) Otaroghene Peretomode and Miss Karimat Lawal during the presentation of the donation

Karimat’s ordeal started when she was involved in a motorcycle accident and had her foot severed off. Before first responders could rescue her and secure the severed foot, a mysterious dog mysteriously ran away with the foot. She had suffered physical and psychological pain since then because she is from a family that is relatively below the sea level economically.

She was fortunate to gain admission into the Osun State University to study History and International Relations. Her physical and psychological travails aggravated months ago when her fiancé who had been supporting her to attain her educational dream abandoned her on the ground that she proved too moralistic and that she was rather a half human being with disabled leg. She became thoroughly devastated psychologically. She became pathetically downcast almost to the point of attempting suicide.

She needed N1.8 million to procure a prosthetic foot and money to complete her education. She was already in 300 level. The Vice Chancellor of the Delta State University, Abraka, Professor Victor F. Peretomode read the story and was touched. He narrated Karimat’s ordeal to his wife, Dr. (Mrs) Otaroghene Peretomode, a director at the Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, near Warri. Subsequently, both of them made preparation to assist her.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Peretomode later read the story during a Senate meeting of the University. The Senate members unanimously agreed to make donations to assist her. At the last count the Senate members raised the needed N1.8 million for the prosthetic foot and another N250,000 to assist her complete her education. The University raised the bank drafts to that amount and sent a delegation led by the Vice Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) Professor (Mrs) Roseline Aziza. Other members of the delegation included the Vice Chancellor’s wife, Dr (Mrs) Peretomode, the University Orator, Professor Sunny Awhefeada, Professor (Mrs) Fluorence Ngozi Ugoji, the Head of Mass Communication Department, Associate Professor Emmanuel Ufuophu-Biri, the University Director of Health Services, Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Nwabuoku and the University Public Relations Officer, Mr. Freeborn Aganbi.

The presentation of the two separate bank drafts was done on 19 September, 2018 at the NUJ Press Centre (Ladi Lawal Press Centre), Ikeja, Lagos by the DVC, Prof (Mrs) Aziza and the Vice Chancellor’s wife, Dr. (Mrs) Peretomode respectively.

Prof. (Mrs) Aziza, who represented the Vice Chancellor, said the Vice Chancellor and his family are kind hearted thus he took the story to the Senate of the University and the members immediately keyed in willingly. He said DELSU is a university that is patterned not just after providing the best of academic standard for the students, but also providing direction for the students and staff on how to serve humanity and that DELSU also has an insurance scheme for students who have health challenges.

She noted that the case of Karimat was totally borne out of charity and the need to save a sinking soul. Prof Aziza said the accident and the mysterious dog that stole away the severe foot and inability to get the right medical attention due to financial constraints had exposed Karimat to humiliation, discrimination, physical, emotional and psychological agony.

She added that Karimat’s story sounded heroic and inspiring as she labored hard amidst all odds to getting into the university. She thanked God that succor had come Karimat way, as God had used the family of Prof. Peretomode and Delta State University to raise the needed N1.8million for Prosthetic foot and an additional N250,000 to complete her education. She disclosed that when the story came to the Senate, the University delegated her Public Relation Officer, Mr. Freeborn Agambi to verify the story which turned out to be authentic. She called on Nigerians to always help those who are in need for that is the essence of living.

The VC’s wife Dr. (Mrs) Peretomode said the Peretomode family was moved when they read the story and was motivated to assist her as a way of moving humanity forward. She said they never knew the lady; moreover she is from far away South Western Nigeria, while they are from the South-South geo-political zone of the country. She called on Nigerians to provide succour to those who need it and give smile to the sad ones. She pointed out that nothing is more rewarding and gladdening as helping others and giving meaning and purpose to the lives of others.

Reacting, Miss Lawal said this singular honour and kind gesture of the DELSU had redeemed her from her age-long suffering, degradation, psychological torture, pain and humiliation. She added that the money would enable her to procure the prosthetic foot and complete her education successfully and happily.

Speaking also, the mother of the beneficiary, Mrs. Lawal Oluwafunke Temitope commended the family of Professor Peretomode and the entire staff of the Delta State University, Abraka. She said the VC and DELSU were God sent to redeem her family. She prayed God to bless DELSU and the Peretomode family.

The management of the Osun State University represented by Dr. Adesola Adesotin, a lecturer in the Department of History and International Relations, expressed the gratitude of the University to the Management and Senate of DELSU. He said the kind action of DELSU was unprecedented and extremely worthy of imitation. He noted that his University would learn from the action. He called on Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Provost of universities, polytechnics and colleges of education respectively to emulate the kind action of DELSU.


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