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By Donu Kogbara

LAST week, I lamented the criminality that the political class, members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, included, is inflicting on Nigerians; and I expressed disappointment about Buhari’s failure to impose discipline on dangerous cowboys who are destroying our country. And the question I keep asking myself is this: What’s the point of having a military man at the helm if crooks and killers are not afraid of him?!

Pupils feeding in schools as part of the government’s Social Investment Programmeol

Anyway, it would appear that I was naïve to have high expectations because many friends, acquaintances and Vanguard readers have told me that they knew all along that Buhari would disappoint; and I thought I should share some thought-provoking emails that I’ve recently received:

From Pere-ebi Tiemo (>

Dear Ms. Kogbara, it’s shocking to know you had high hopes for Buhari. Are you that clumsy?  Citizens get the leaders they deserve.

Visionary leaders

Right now, we have subpar leaders because we settle for less. We have the same dogs ruling us every season; all they do is change their collars. On the flip side, is Nigeria’s democracy genuine enough? Do the people actually pick leaders or are leaders forced upon the people?

It seems every four years Nigerians have to choose the lesser of two evils and if we get it wrong we get the full-blown devil as a leader. Nigeria lacks talented, visionary leaders who are willing to make sacrifices. The breakdown in law and order, pockets of civil unrest nationwide and terrorist attacks are byproducts of poor governance. And Nigerians accept it.

We are jaded to all our daily horrors… and, as you said in your column, we cannot pray our way out of our problems even if we have a pastor for a vice president…Nigerians need to divert their time, monies, and energies from mega churches into demanding the best from their leaders at all levels.

Excerpts from an Open Letter to Buhari, from Ephraim Adiele, a Media and Digital Marketing Specialist. (; contactable on @baba_random on all social media platforms):

Dear Sir, I don’t have anything personal against you. I even like you, but I feel that you have no business being President because I’ve done proper ground research and realised you have nothing good to offer in terms of leadership skills. You were not an exemplary leader during your first stay as Head of State – You even overthrew a democratically elected government. And because you are not exactly a businessman, I did not expect you to revolutionise the economy.

I remember that fateful day – December 24, 2014 – when I was invited to Oriental Hotel, Lagos, as part of a number of young leaders of thought to come and have audience with your then-vice presidential aspirant, Yemi Osinbajo.

On that day, we were given the APC manifesto, which I went through and laughed heartily at because I realised that you and your party members really take Nigerians for fools (well, aren’t we?) by making promises that can never be fulfilled even in the next 20 years except a miraculous revolution occurs.

After I was handed the manifesto, I went through it and underlined several of those phantom promises which I knew will never be fulfilled. I will just list them here and probably just make a few additions later.

The APC promised the following:

Annual budget for education

In summary, a good look at the APC manifesto shows that the Presidency has failed as regards fulfillment of its promises to Nigerians.

Asides the aforementioned, it is pertinent to note the following anomalies that have become the order of the day since the President took oath of office.

Just before the election, I used to have discussions with my friends and they were all of the opinion that you were the saviour Nigeria badly needed. I used to laugh and tell them you will do exactly what you have been doing and are still doing.


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