By Chioma Gabriel

Sometime in 2014, at the time the All Progressives Congress, APC, was just formed, it was obvious that the party was made up of strange bed-fellows. The foundation was not strong and the house was shaky from its onset. I did a write-up, ‘Waiting for the implosion of APC’ and a very top chieftain of the party took me to the cleaners and wondered why I only saw the bad in the party and not the good. Someone even suggested that it was Femi Aribisala that disguised as Chioma Gabriel to write.  A couple of friends politicians said one thing or the other and later the matter rested.

You see, many people are gifted in knowing what a child will become from the circumstances of his birth. Sometimes, when a child is not planned for, the probability is that his future well-being is not prepared for and hence, the child suffers many unlikely circumstances.

One could really swear that the APC did not plan for leadership. The bedfellows that formed the party appeared bitter with the Jonathan government and would do anything to cause problem for  him  or make Nigeria ungovernable for him.  The change mantra of the APC  deceived many Nigerians who embraced it hook, line and sinker. We believed everything and I almost caused a ‘war’ in my home with my blind support and belief in the change mantra.

But since APC came into power, neither Nigeria as a country or members and supporters  of APC have known peace. The situation degenerated with every passing day and has finally gotten to a point that our dear President Buhari  was not allowed to finish his ‘business’ in London before the confusion in the house he followed to build brought him back home. Ordinary ward congresses of APC and the whole Nigeria is on fire!

It will be an understatement to say Nigerians are disappointed with APC. There should be another word. The whole issue is so incredible and some leaders of the party are so foul-mouthed they can say anything as if the rest of us are fools. When an old woman stumbles twice, the contents of her basket should be checked.

APC as a political party never seemed to give a damn about the feelings of Nigerians. The people are treated as inanimate objects whose opinions never counted in the scheme of things, even as hunger and poverty ravaged the land. The last straw that broke the camel’s back before the ward congresses was the spate of killings across the land. Everyday, people are being butchered across the land: north, south, east, west.  The quality of human life meant little or nothing and the powers that be seemed helpless and incapable of doing anything to help the situation. The party blames everyone but itself.

Then the implosion began. The signs have always been there. The senate was a house of commotion right from its inception and as 2019 draws closer, Nigerians did not expect less and they are not disappointed. The judiciary is a forgone  conclusion. Justice has been standing on its head. And  the executive?  One cannot really say anything for sure. The presidency speaks out of both sides of the mouth. The president’s men are becoming an embarrassment. One thing is said today and denied tomorrow.

The only good thing this regime appears to be holding on to is its anti-corruption war. But that too seems partial and not total. There are sacred cows.

For how long will Nigeria’s democracy continue to grope in the dark? In 2015, the opposition groups gathered to form APC and chased the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, out of power. The opposition party didn’t know it would win the election. When it did, it took it about six months to recover from the shock. But it never found focus.

Again, the search is on and PDP is joining  a new opposition  with a mission to chase out APC in 2019. Former President  Olusegun Obasanjo had inspired Coalition for Nigeria Movement, CNM,  which over the weekend, collapsed into the African Democratic Congress, ADC, with the aim of enthroning a new generation of leaders in the country.

But how far will the new party go? The answer is blowing in the wind.




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