One hundred and six years after The RMS Titanic hit a huge iceberg on the North Atlantic Ocean and sank to the bottom of the sea with more than 1500 souls onboard, the tragedy of the largest vessel ever built by man then has never stopped haunting humanity. A film by that same title, since it was shot by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, has equally never ceased to intrigue people. In this paper review, Arts Editor, OSA AMADI, sees a correlation between the demise of the Titanic and the impending environmental cataclysm into which he believes humans will ultimately plunge planet earth.


There are close affinities between the warnings relayed to the sunken RMS Titanic and the warnings scientists are sending to us today about the danger our planet faces as a result of gross environmental pollutions. The warnings about icebergs were sent to the Titanic through Marconi wireless radio still at rudimentary stage at that time. Today, most, if not all, the warnings scientists are sending to us about climate change come to us through environmental reporting in the mass media. Just as the Titanic made light of those wireless radio warnings, so are we treating scientists’ warning about climate change reaching us today through the mass media.

As it was in the Titanic, that night of April 1912, so shall it be on the day planet earth will lose balance as a result of decades of environmental sins committed against it by man. This may sound like a loose prediction or a religious prophetic pronouncement, but there are overwhelming scientific evidences to back it up.

Just as the captain of the Titanic, said to be a “ship God cannot sink”, was repeatedly warned through radio messages that there were icebergs on the Atlantic Ocean he was sailing, and he chose to ignore the warnings, stoking the ship for greater speed, so also are we receiving warnings today from scientists concerning the dangers and possible consequences of the recklessness with which we are treating the earth and its environment, but we are not heeding those warnings: If we are listening, there is nothing to show that we are taking those warnings seriously.

Anyone who has watched the film, Titanic, and is well informed about environmental issues, will not fail to see the correlations between the two. Although the Titanic is already history, from overwhelming scientific evidence, it is easy to see that we and planet earth are cruising towards similar fate.

Of course, in many ways, the earth is like a ship on which we are sailing in the vast stormy universe. As James Wight (2012) put it, “the Earth’s climate is rather like the Titanic: an enormous beast that is deceptively stable and slow to respond to disturbances.” According to science, the Earth is speeding at about 110,000 kilometers per hour around the Sun (which is about one thousand times faster than the typical speed of a car on a highway!) The earth is also moving, or rather flying, in some other way. Those of us who live near the equator are hurtling in the space at 900 kilometers per second as we lie in bed, and we do not even feel it!


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