By Chioma Obinna

Mere mention of infertility naturally sends cold shivers down the spines of many people. This is not unconnected with the fact that infertility threatens the love and harmony of a home.

sperm count

It is estimated that 40 to 45 per cent of all consultations in gynaecological clinics are infertility–related.

Now, all these challenges of testing are over. The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test is here to the rescue. The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test is a revolution and a pre-screening device for the early diagnosis of male infertility. It is the first test that takes into account not only the concentration but also the Progressive Motility of the Sperm Cells (PMSCs) which is the only sperm that can fertilize an egg.

In a chat, spokesperson for the Golden Gazelle, promoters of the product, said, “Until now, the male fertility tests only took into account the quantity of sperm and not the quality, although other factors, such as Progressive Motility – their ability to move forward in a straight line -are more important for fertilization, for which only a single sperm of optimal quality is necessary. In other words, a Progressive Motile Sperm Cell is the only sperm cell that can fertilize the egg.”

She explained that SwinCount is a medical breakthrough with a test that allows men to obtain an early diagnosis with a high degree of reliability in the comfort of their own home.

In obtaining the sperm sample, she explained that individual must never use the normal condom as it is laced with chemicals that prevent pregnancy. “SwimCount therefore comes with a non-spermicide condom. The advantage of this is that the sperm specimen is collected after the sex act (saving the African man the embarrassment of obtaining the specimen through masturbation).”

On how it works, she explained that the technology behind SwimCount is based on the same principle as the well-known Swim-Up Technology and thereby measuring the number of PMSCs.

“After depositing a small amount of liquefied semen sample into the device and the semen compartment, the semen cells that are able to move progressively and swim up into the Swim Up compartment are then stained blue and drawn into the Result Window. In this way, the darker the colour, the more PMSCs is present in the sample, which is seen after 30 minutes”, she said.

“The threshold of male fertility by SwimCount is set at a count of more than 5 million PMSCs per mL (following the WHO criteria, 5th ed., 2010).

“A lower number than 5 million PMSCs/mL implies greater difficulties to obtain a natural pregnancy within a period of one year, so it is advisable to consult a reproductive specialist”.


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