December 27, 2017

New Year and the special breakfast

Christmas is a special occasion all over the world and special occasions deserve special foods. Though rice is the popular meal in Nigeria in a festive period such as this, as Homemakers, you may, in the spirit of Christmas and the fast approaching New Year, want to try this simple breakfast on the first day of the year as your family eats together.


Watermelon or pawpawoat, custard or pap,bread,  yam,egg,  carrot, green pepper, green beans,   Sardine or Titus fish for sauce,tomatoes,   pepper and onion, seasoning,tea bag, beverage,   milk, sugar or honey, fruit wine.


Cut the watermelon or pawpaw into a dish. Set on the table but, if you like it cool, refrigerate for 20 minutes.


Blend pepper, onion and tomatoes and fry with vegetable oil.


Debone the fish and diced carrot, green pepper and green beans.

Add seasoning and salt to taste.

Serve in a dish and set on the table.


Fry eggs enough for the family but make sure the oil is minimal


Prepare your oat, pap or custard and set on the table.


Cook yam and set on the table.

Set bread or you can toast specially.


Set hot water for the tea and beverage.


Set the plates and cutlery.

As Homemakers, wake the family early to prepare the meal together and that is the joy in it.

Now that the table is set, let everyone rush to the bathroom to shower or you may decide to just brush your teeth and take your bath later.

Sit together on the table.

Pray to thank God for the New Year together as a family.

If you have a house help, don’t forget he or she is part of the family.

As Homemakers, let everyone have a bit of everything.

After everyone has eaten, let the head of the family do the toast with the wine for everyone to have a taste.

Nothing can beat this as nothing can erase the memory. No matter how the family has been relating, eating together is a natural healer.   It is not only about what you are eating, it is also about the love you are sharing.

Happy New Year in advance.