By Funmi Komolafe

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are grateful to God for sparing our lives to see the last Sunday in the month of November.  Let’s not take it for granted. I’m sure some people were alive yesterday but today they are no more.

You and I are alive not because we are righteous but because it has pleased the Lord to keep up alive.   Therefore, we must appreciate the one who has kept us alive, the Almighty God.

God is about to remove every reproach in your life  in the name of Jesus.

As a human being, it is natural for you to think that this year will soon roll away,  and the miracle you so much desire has not manifested.

For a lady out there, you have fasted and prayed with the expectation that you will soon be in your matrimonial home but every relationship you went into has terminated abruptly.

Or is it the case of couple that has been waiting on the Lord for biological children yet none is on the way?   Husband and wife have visited doctors and spent a lot of money but nothing to show for it. Some have even tried IVF, which failed.

For someone else, you have been working like an elephant and eating like an ant. Just remain faith full.  I mean remain filled with faith.

Whatever is your situation, the Lord Almighty is able to remove every   reproach in your life.

Let me share with the story of a woman who was waiting on the Lord for children.  This lady who lives in Lagos visited her child hood friend in London and the friend asked her what she was doing to have children.

The London based friend suggested to her that she could  have  IVF  treatment in London but that she had to do it fast because once over 40, no doctor will have it done for her in Europe.

Her Lagos-based friend replied that “ it may be late for doctors in Europe but my God is never late.  He will do it for me”.

She said this with her faith at its peak because at that time, she had stopped taking medical steps but she continued to trust God.

Her friend then took her to a church in London.  After they were prayed for, the Pastor told the Lagos based friend to return to her church in Nigeria but “ make sure you are known in that church”.

What the Pastor simply meant was   play your role as a good church member in service, honour your financial obligation  and the Lord will remember you.  It was not long after that this lady who had waited on the Lord for over 20 years became a mother.  She gave birth to a baby boy.

As the Lord lives, before this year ends, every reproach in your life will be removed in Jesus name.

Brethren, let’s take a look at Psalm 42vs. 5 “ Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise  him for the help of his countenance”.

This gives me assurance that the Lord will help you.

In Ist Samuel 1 vs. 20 “  Wherefore it came to pass , when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived, that she bare a son, and called his name Samuel, saying , Because I have asked him for he Lord”.

God removed the reproach of Hannah; he is ready to remove yours too.

Remain steadfast in prayer, worship and giving.  Whatever has been causing you discomfort, will soon be  the source of your  comfort in the name of Jesus.

It is only God that can take away reproach. Don’t ever think it is too late.  What appears to be the end for you,  is  be the beginning for God who can do all things.

With your faith and action, you can provoke a miracle.  Both must go together.   It is not enough to declare yourself a believer or a born-again Christian; you must take steps to demonstrate your faith in God and his ability to do all things.

Mark 9 vs. 23 “  Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to  him that believeth”.

Are you planning to spend the Christmas holiday in your own property but everything around you suggests this might not be.  You just don’t have the resources to complete the project.  Brethren, do not  lose hope.

I’ll share with you a testimony.   A lady and her husband had a building project that was abandoned for years.  So much that the building had become of hide out for cultists and under undesirable elements.   She continued to pray that God should not allow their labour to be in vain.  Her husband had laid the foundation, laid a few blocks but lacked the resources to complete the building.

About this time, she made a pledge in a Pentecostal Church to contribute to a building project.  She honoured her pledge.    A few weeks after she did, a relation that God had blessed called her husband concerning the abandoned project.   This relation suggested that the project be redesigned with an offer that his building engineers would complete the building.

The relation kept his  part of the promise and at this time, God blessed her husband and the whole project was completed. Today, a project that was abandoned for over 5 years is not generating income for the couple.

Whatever it is you desire, please, don’t lose hope. Keep trusting God.

However, sometimes, what we are trusting God for is so close by but we cannot see it.

For instance, a man who intends to get married sees a lady he likes to marry but because that lady in her youthful days, had a child, the man concludes that he cannot marry her.  Though, both are now born-again Christians.

Brother, you may be making a big mistake.

The first thing a Christian should do concerning the choice of a marriage partner is to seek Divine guidance.  Once God gives the go ahead, be bold enough to propose and get married.

Take the case of this sister whose identity I have chosen to withhold.     She had a child in her secondary school  days  due to inadequate parental guidance, ignorance and bad company but she forged ahead with her education.

Eventually, the man who married her was a Pastor , indeed the head of a Christian denomination.  Today, they are both grand parents.   Their marriage has been so peaceful that they became a role model for others. The secret of their joyful home is that they opted to  live  in line with  the word of God.

What if the man had not married her simply because she had a child earlier?  Perhaps he would have gone ahead to marry a woman who will make his life miserable.

Brethren, it is not too late for you to review your relationship with God.

Move closer to God and your troubles will move far away from you until you overcome.

Speak to God more often than you used to do.

Call upon him and ask for whatever you want.

We have assurance that he will answer.

Numbers 14 vs. 28  “ Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD,  as ye have spoken in my ears, so will I do to you”.

Brethren you are not serving an idol.  You are serving God that can hear.  You are serving the one who can do all things.

You are serving God that can never be late. He knows exactly the right time to give you that precious gift you are asking for.

Cheer up, God is never late.  He will soon show up for you.

Step into a fruitful week in Jesus name.



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