By Apostle Ilechukwu Obilo

The death of Christ marks the end of all sacrifice for the redemption of mankind. After man willingly surrendered to Satan the authority and dominion God gave him by obeying Satan, the Almighty God who has made provision for that before the foundation of the world sent his only begotten Son to reconcile us to himself and Jesus paid the full price through his death and resurrection Jesus Christ.

Through his obedience God transferred the curses of disobedience in our lives to Jesus and Jesus nailed all at the cross. He died to redeem us back to God from the curse of the law. He was cursed so that we will not suffer curse. He died to reconcile us to God. Gal 3:13.

He died to receive what man had lost to Satan. He died to destroy all the works of Satan including death, poverty, sickness, sin etc. (Col. 1:12-14).

Jesus on the cross

He died to destroy the adamic or sinful nature from us. He died prematurely so that we will not die premature. He died to make us righteous through his blood.

He died to present us holy, unblamable to God Col. 1:20-22.) He died to restore all the devil have stolen from us, he died to break the middle wall of perdition by bringing us close to God through his blood.

Jesus resurrected by collecting all Satan took from man; power, honour, glory, riches, good health, peace, joy, wisdom, strength etc Revelations 5:12 back to man Jesus ascended to heaven to bestow our gift, calling to us, He ascended to make intercession for us (I Thess 1:10).

He is sitting at the right hand of God so that we can sit together with him and our prayer get to God through him. He resurrected for our justification Romans 4:24-25.

The death of Jesus is the death of all believers because through his death our sinful nature died and he gave us his nature so that we will not sin. The sinful nature of man make man to disobey God’s word or laws and disobedient to God makes man to incur the wrath of God; as the result this man began to suffer the inherent judgment of the laws of God.

But this sinful nature was buried with Christ and we all resurrected with him. He cleans us with his blood and bestowed his nature on us. We raised together with Christ. He made us holy and obedient to God’s word. By the sacrifice of Jesus we are free from Satan. He died to restore power, honour, glory, riches, success, peace, joy, victory, righteousness, eternal life etc to man.

Without Jesus our righteousness is like a filthy rag before God. There is no righteousness outsight Jesus. He is the only way; he is the only savior of mankind. Only Jesus can save. Moses cannot save us. Mary cannot save us or pray for us. It is only Jesus Christ who can save and pray for us every day.

For anyone to benefit from the blessing of the death and resurrection which include; forgiveness of sin, power, riches, honour, glory, peace, righteousness, deliverance, healing from all diseases, fruitful marriage, authority, dominion, he/she must first believe in Jesus and what he has done on the cross of Calvary through his death. Confess him as his/her Lord and personal savior.

It is only faith rooted on the word of God that makes us holy so our righteousness comes through faith of what Jesus had done on the cross of Calvary.

Beloved let us walk by faith not by sight II Cor 5:7 no matter what you see, feel, hear on earth or your body don’t give up, keep your faith alive because every other thing can fail but Jesus Christ can never fail.

If you are reading this message and you are not born again, I want you to give your life to Jesus Christ by repeating after me with all your heart:

“Lord Jesus I have sinned against you and I know you died and resurrected the third day because of my sin, as from this minute, I accept you as my Lord and personal savior, cleanse me with your blood and write my name in the book of life. Thank you Jesus for saving me.”

You are known born again, but keep on reading the word of God, attend a living church, be committed or constant in fellowship and prayer etc.

*For more deliverance, prayer and testimony, contact Apostle Ikechukwu Joseph Obilo, the General Overseer of Reigners Bible Living Church, City of Truth, at 11, Odudu Lane Okito Street, Ajegunle by Banana Bus-stop on 08034827617, 08037464393.


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