August 5, 2017

Rights group plans debate with candidates

Uba, Obiano and Nwoye

By Vincent Ujumadu

THE Civil Rights Concern, CRC, a human rights group, is planning a debate with political party candidates for the November election to guide Anambra voters in making their choice.

Uba, Obiano and Nwoye

Executive director of CRC, Mr. Okey Onyeka said his group had selected four key areas for the debate namely, health, education, agriculture and public utilities. According to him, livelihood associations in these sectors, including those in the business sector, would engage the candidates in the debate, which would be facilitated by CRC. Onyeka said: “Election time, we know, is a very sensitive time to determine who will influence direction of flow of services in the state and its effectiveness.

We have deliberated on the level of service provision in the affected sectors and came up with the decision that livelihood associations will use the election to influence the outcome and how services in the sectors will be budgeted for and delivered after the election.

“These associations will use the opportunity of the debate to align their aims and objectives into the manifestoes of the candidates for the purpose on improving the living standards of the people.”

According to him, whoever gets elected would be made to implement the negotiated objectives after the election and whoever becomes the governor would be held accountable by the groups.