By Funmi Komolafe

Brethren, for us in Nigeria, we are in the rainy season. Many look forward to it while others dread it.   Those who look forward to the rainy season are positively expectant.  Those who dread it are afraid that it could bring terrible consequences such as washing away of property and even human lives.

Whether you like or not, you are likely to prepare for it by getting ready your umbrellas, raincoats, boots etc.

That’s talking about the  physical rain.

There is the other rain   which is the spiritual rain commonly referred to as “ showers of blessing”.

Knowledgeable men of God say that when Heaven opens, God bombards the earth with blessings.  However, these blessings are not for everybody.

Before the rain, however, comes a season of dryness, if you like, heat. So people casually ask for rainfall so that the weather will be friendly.

Showers of blessings that we desire brings in prosperity and makes us spiritually more productive.

You have to ask for the rain to feel it.

Signs of dryness –

What are the signs of dryness in a Christian life?

For a Christian, the moment you   no longer have time to study the word of God, you are gradually entering into a season of dryness.You may not immediately realize it but you are gradually opening your life to the forces of darkness.   Without the word in you, brethren, you are defenseless. Things that you have been doing so easily will require more efforts.  Unfortunately, we do not link it with our inability to arm ourselves with the word of God with some of the challenges that confront us.

We simply conclude that “ its not my time”.   So, when is it your time?

Other signs  of  dryness are  anxiety and  backsliding.  You just find that you become unnecessarily anxious or even agitated.  If you don’t handle it carefully, you take it out on your partner and then there is a war in the house. Your once joyful home will be threatened.  That’s when you begin to hear the woman of the house, say “ I don’t understand this man anymore”.  She will not say my husband.  He has become this man.

A season of dryness is when   you are distanced from your Creator.

A third sign, which is not necessarily the last, is when you begin to stay away from fellowship.  When you are supposed to be at fellowship, that is the time you choose to have your siesta or     watch home video that show you how some herbalist helps to make one rich or to deal with your enemies.

Once you experience any of these, your are in a season of dryness and you need to ask God to send you showers of rain.

I’ll share with you, the story of an old woman in her 80s who   has been friendly with a younger woman in her 60s who resides in Lagos for a long time.   The woman in her 60s has for years been comfortable owning houses and a fleet of cars jointly with her husband.

Each time she went to the village, her first port of call would be the home of the elder woman.

Unknown to the elderly   woman, the relations of this rich woman are angry that their sister who is so endowed materially does not care for them.   They came to the conclusion that   her lack of attention for them was because she cared so much about the elderly woman who is not in any way related to them by blood.

So, they decided to do something.

A relation of the rich woman, who resides in Lagos, then went to visit the elderly woman.  She was received warmly and the hostesses left the sitting room to go and get her visitor something to drink.

The woman left her slippers in the sitting room and walked barefooted to the kitchen.

According to her, her spirit told her to look back.  Lo and behold she saw the visitor rubbing some substance on her chair and on her slippers that she left behind.  The visitor did not know that elderly woman saw her.  She returned to her sitting room but sat elsewhere and called for another pair of slippers.  The visitor felt uneasy and left without taking the drink.

Who told the woman to look back?  It’s the Spirit of Truth.  The Holy Spirit.  But for the intervention of the Holy Spirit, the elderly woman would either have died or be paralyzed.

The point here is that you cannot afford to live life casually.  You cannot afford to live a life of spiritual dryness. You need the Lord’s showers of blessings. There is no substitute for God’s blessings.

At the point we are now in a nation, we need   more of God’s blessings.  Living within one’s income has become a struggle. That’s when you have the income.  Companies are owing   their employees yet the bills cannot be suspended indefinitely.

The showers of blessing can turn around that negative condition you are going through.

Psalm 72 vs. 6 – 8“  He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers  that water the earth.   In his days shall the righteous  flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.  He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth”.

Brethren when you come in contact with the Lord’s showers of blessings, you will live a peaceful and comfortable life.

Psalm 92 vs. 13& 14 – gives more details on what heavenly showers can do in our lives. “ Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.  They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing”.

With the showers of blessings from God, you will no longer experience fruitless efforts.   The woman that has been called barren shall suddenly conceive and bring forth her Samuel.   The man who has been regarded as a nobody in the family, will soon become the one whose input is necessary before a decision is taken.

Brethren, the season of showers is the season of prosperity.  How prepared are you?

Whatever is your need, a job, a life partner, a suitable accommodation etc.? Whatever it is, remember God can meet every need.

Philippians 4 vs. 19 “ But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

This is the assurance of God.

In the name of Jesus, the showers of blessings will fall on that your abandoned project and it will come alive.

Do you know that it is in this time of recession that God is creating a new set of rich men and woman, people  who prosper materially and spiritually.  You can‘t afford to be left out, get prepared and plug yourself into it.

It’s the season of showers; get ready for your blessings.

It is well with you in Jesus name.



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