Mr. Kingsley Muturu is  Delta State Chairman, Phase 2 Ex-militants under the Federal Government amnesty programme. In this interview, he speaks on the appointment of the National Coordinator, Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme, NDRPP, Mr. Tikari Danjuma.

 As an ex-militant leader, how do you see the appointment of Mr. Tikari Danjuma as National Coordinator of NDRPP?

First, I want to thank President Muhammadu Buhari for choosing Mr. Tikari Danjuma for that office. We know him very well; we know his ability to carry out assignments with positive results.

 Do you think Mr. Danjuma can ensure the desired peace and security in the Niger Delta waterways?

Again, let me tell you, peace and security can be achieved in any place through joint efforts by the people concerned and Mr. Danjuma has already reached out to personalities in various parts of the region, holding meetings and all that.

Let me inform you that Mr. Danjuma has already appointed overseers of NDRPP in council areas in the Niger Delta, who we all know are capable of working for the much-needed peace in our region.

Kingsley Muturu

 But, there was a media report making the rounds that Mr. Danjuma’s appointment had been terminated. Can you say something about that?

That is propaganda taken too far. We know them; their stock in trade is to cause confusion in the Niger Delta, thereby making gains out of it. Those are the same set of people who have been troubling the amnesty programme since inception.

Reports that Mr. Tikari Danjuma’s appointment is terminated is a joke taken too far by desperate people who love confusion and chaos in our region. The brains behind that report are those same people who came to him, asking for ghost slots. He told them that NDRPP was a serious programme and there was no room for that. He rather asked them to bring worthy and serious people from their areas.

 How do you know these people you claim are responsible for the report?

I am an ex-militant leader and I have already known them by their fruits. They troubled the amnesty programme from the beginning because they wanted the appointments for themselves. They would claim to belong to the ruling party and often pass fake information to authorities concerned all for personal reasons.

We ex-militants hereby advised President Buhari to be wary of them and also carry out secret probe to scrutinise the conduct of those who claim to be informants for authorities and they will discover things for themselves. They cause confusion in our region.

 So, what do you think is the way forward for peace in the region?

Unity! We must all work to ensure peace and security in our waterways and the region in general. We know that Mr. Danjuma is more than capable to work for the peace and security on our waterways, as he has already set the machinery in motion.


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