By Eyobong Ita

In modern election era, no candidate has talked about elections being rigged even before votes were cast. Then again, GOP candidate Donald Trump is not your conventional kind of candidate. America has never seen anyone like Trump. Besides Obama, no candidate has captured global attention like Trump, and to his detriment, none has indirectly conceded defeat long before the first ballot was cast as he appears to be doing.

Remember, Trump began to say the elections were rigged even before the first presidential debate and way before early voting started. Nothing strange, though, because he did the same thing during the GOP Primaries. He accused the system of being rigged, but the moment he got the GOP nomination. the system no longer was rigged.

Now with defeat looking more and more inevitable, the blame game is back and louder than ever. This time, even the media are not spared. Right from the inception of his campaign, the media have given Trump more coverage than any candidate on both sides of the party. Not really because they were always biased, but because Trump made himself more accessible to the media.

During the primaries and for most of the general election campaign, Trump got away with almost everything he said and did. Now that the honeymoon is over and media scrutiny is on him and exposing things about him he never thought could be done, the “low life” media are the scum of the earth as far as Trump is concerned.

FYI: The U.S. elections are not conducted like the Nigerian elections. Unlike Nigeria where INEC controls elections in the entire country, elections in the U.S. are handled by the Secretary of State in each state. Some are Republicans, others Democrats. Each state then conducts the elections through the counties, Nigeria’s equivalent of the local governments. The county election officials are either Democrats or Republicans.

Now, this doesn’t mean the U.S. electoral system is flawless. No, but the possibility of elections being rigged nationwide to favor one candidate or the other is insane. Actually, there have been only 31 documented cases of voter fraud out of I billion votes cast in the United States elections between 2000 and 2014, according to a study by a Loyola Law School professor. Trump’s claims of systematic, nationwide voter fraud are bogus and embarrassing even to some Republicans.

It also makes him stand out as a sore loser who wants to discredit American democratic system to appease his enlarged ego that can’t stand the possibility of losing, especially losing to a woman, even when that woman doesn’t belong to the bedroom, the living room and the other room (pun intended). As if Trump hasn’t had enough self-inflicted wounds, he says he will only accept the result of the presidential election only if he wins. Really?


Hillary and Obama Care Challenges

Just when we thought we’ve seen the last of October surprise when 11 women came out to accuse Donald Trump of unwelcome sexual advances against them (accusations Trump vehemently deny) here comes news that Affordable Care Acts (a.k.a. Obamacare) health insurance coverage will not be so affordable next year. Americans covered by the ACA health coverage are expected to experience a 22 percent hike in cost.

This is contrary to all the promises Obama made that the healthcare coverage will be very affordable, hence its name. This is bad news for Hillary Clinton, a staunch supporter of Obamacare. Under normal circumstances in an election year that has a conventional opponent, this could have probably dealt Hillary a terrible blow, but Trump has been such a gift to Hillary and Democrats that this would not be as big a deal as it should have.

For instance, this is when Trump should be talking about an alternative plan for Obamacare, but all he does is to say that he will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. Which is what? Well, he wouldn’t say. I guess it’s one of his secrets meant to keep American voters in suspense, which doesn’t help him one bit. And with about 10 days to the elections, millions of Americans already have cast their votes and early voter turnout is making Hillary and Democrats feel good about November 8.


Phony Polls?

Trump says don’t believe the polls. Actually, he says the polls are phony. This implies that all the major pollsters have conspired to manufacture statistics to make him look bad by having his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton lead him in all major (and even minor) polls.

Sounds familiar? Well, when Obama was seeking reelection in 2012, all the major polls had him leading his GOP challenger Mitt Romney, but some prominent Republicans dismissed the polls and urged their supporters not to believe the “phony” polls. According to them, their internal polling showed that Romney would beat Obama by at least 6 percentage points.

Then came election day, Romney so believed the GOP internal polling that he only wrote his acceptance speech. By the time Obama was projected the winner, Romney had to quickly put a concession speech together. Fact is, the same “phony pollsters” are the ones who correctly predicted that Trump would win many of the GOP primaries, and he did. Trump loved polls back then and always quoted them to show how well he was doing. Now that they’re predicting a Trump defeat, they’re phony.


Electoral College Picture

For all the Trumpsters out there, get on your knees and pray like you’ve never prayed before. Well, prayers alone would not be enough. You need to go on dry fasting – 10 days dry. Only divine intervention can stop Hillary from getting to the White House. With 10 days to the November 8 presidential election, the Electoral College picture has become crystal clear that Hillary Clinton would become the next American president – the first female ever to be the leader of the Free World.

If the election was held today, the projection is that Hillary would win 307 electoral college votes to Trump’s 179. It may not end up that bad for Trump. One big problem is that Trump is in danger of losing even traditional Republican states like Arizona and Georgia, which makes Republicans scratch their heads in frustration.

The biggest problem. Though, is that many Republicans have accepted the possibility of a Trump defeat, they are now worried that Trump could make them lose the Senate to Democrats on November 8, with the possibility of losing the House during the mid-term elections in two years.



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