Funmi Komolafe

Congratulations  you are in the month of August . What is our goal? How do you want to attain this goal? As human beings we are limited . To achieve our goals we need Divine Intervention .

Let’s begin with this definition of the month of August as given by Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye    of RCCG. He said August simply means – Ask Until God Unveils Something Tangible.

So what is that tangible thing you want from God. If you have been waiting on the Lord for the fruits of the womb for years, when you have a pregnancy positive    result, then    you have something tangible.

Have you been unemployed for years?    When you receive a letter inviting you for an interview, then you have something tangible. If yours is a marriage partner, and someone has proposed to you, then you have something tangible .    However, you need to take certain steps to turn that tangible thing to your permanent joy.

Faith is the key to a turn around – Hebrew 11 vs. 6 is unambiguous  “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”.

Faith is the key to our miracle.    The story of the Job readily comes to mind. Job was a man who believed in God and demonstrated this in an unusual way. The Holy Bible in the Book of Job 1 verse 1 described him thus,“ There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name    was Job: and that man was perfect and upright , and one that feared God and eschewed evil” yet Job had challenges.

That you are serving God or are a worker in the vineyard of God does not mean that one will not have challenges but the grace we have is that with the word of God in our lives, we are able to overcome    these challenges.

Job was afflicted with sickness, he lost    his children, his finances and businesses were attacked yet he kept his faith intact.

Let’s imagine what people around him would have said.

Some    would have said it is finished for him.Many would have mocked him saying ‘ he is serving God, yet suffering’.

Brothers and Sisters, what are people saying about you today?

. Ignore them just prepare yourself for a supernatural turn around.

Let me lift your Spirit with this story . There was the case of a young man who finished in one of the universities in Nigeria. While some of his mates secured jobs, he waited for a while before he managed to get a      job. Within a short while he got series of promotion because of his diligence at work.

Today, some of those who secured the so-called juicy jobs before him, have lost theirs and are now turning to this young man for help.

Have you been written off?    Don’t write yourself off. Use your time to meditate on the word of the Lord and ask for Supernatural turn around.

This season, your martial life, your work, your business, your finances will receive a total turn around in the mighty name of Jesus.

Remember, you    must ask for a total turn around.

A Supernatural turn-around

May I also share with you, lessons drawn from the life of Job as explained by Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye .

He said the first lesson to be learnt in the life of Job is that “the downfall of a man in Christ can never be the end of his life but  a life without Christ will suffer crisis”.

Job’s steadfastness and total devotion to God gave him a turn around.

According to Kings James Version of the Holy Bible , Job 42 vs.10 and 12

Verse 10 states: “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before”.

Have you lost something so precious to you?    In the season, God in his mercy will give you a double portion of whatever you lost in the mighty name of Jesus.

Finally after all pains and tears    in the life of Job, God gave him a turn around.

Job 42 verse 12 states “ So the Lord Blessed    the latter end of Job more than his beginning : for    he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand    yoke of oxen, and a thousand she assess”.

God did not only restore Job’s material possession, he    restored life . For    a man who    lost all his children, God restored his joy.

Job 42 verse 13 “He had also seven sons and three daughters”.

What is it that you are going through?  The Lord can give you a turn around that will surprise even you.

Let’s share this story :  A couple had an only child; a son who was about 12 years old. He went on a short holiday at his aunt’s residence.  A domestic accident occurred; the boy hit his head on the iron gate was rushed to the hospital but died.

Naturally, his parents especially the mother was so devastated but she kept her faith.    She didn’t blame her sister or her family for what  happened though she and her husband were sad.

By this time she had passed age 45; the scientific age for menopause.

But to the Glory of God    after a bit of medical care, she took in    and gave birth to    baby boy.    What is unique about this baby is that he was  born with the same mark as the boy who died.

God gave her a turn around .    As I write today, that boy is about two years old.

As believers we must hand over submit all our challenges to the hands of God and we shall see his hand in our lives.

Before I conclude this edition, I’ll still share with us some of the thoughts of Pastor J.T. Kalejaye

He said we should always bear in mind the content of Psalm 30 verse 5; the later part which states “ weeping may endure for a night, but joy oometh in the morning”.

If we    believe this, Pastor Kalejaye said, “ Pains may endure for a night but gains cometh in the morning.

If you rest in the Lord, he will take care of the rest.God is all you need to meet all your needs.Those who carry God’s grace cannot suffer disgrace”.

Pastor Kalejaye told the congregation with faith “ Your tomorrow will surely be better and not bitter”.

Let’s remember to pray for our country as we pray for ourselves.

Nigeria needs a turn around for the best but we need to ask for it.

For us to have joyful homes, the prosperity of Nigeria is crucial.

God in his mercy will turn around the fortunes of Nigeria in the mighty name of Jesus.

May I end this    edition of Joyful homes with a    congratulatory message for Pastor J.T. Kalejaye who has just been promoted Special Assistant to the General Overseer in charge of Evangelism in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

More Anointing in Jesus name.



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