July 13, 2016

Kim Kardashian fans react to divorce speculations

Kanye and Kim

Abuja – Fans of celebrity television personality, Kim Kardashian and her husband, hip-hop rapper and music producer Kanye West have expressed concern as speculations of the two getting a divorce continues to spread.

Kanye and Kim

In the last few weeks, there had been pictures and notes on various social media platforms that gave inclination that the Kardashian-West marriage may be at the verge of breakup.

Emeka Chukwudi, a personal stylist based in Abuja, said that the story of divorce could be a form of publicity stunt.

“I like the Kardashians because they inspire me when it comes to fashion and style.

“With their reality show, they have become very influential and famous, especially Kim.

“If you follow them on social media, you will discover that Kim and Kanye haven’t really posted anything interesting in the last few weeks and everyone’s attention seems to be drifting to her youngest sister, kylie Jenner.

“I just think that this could be a publicity stunt in order to make people talk about them and have their names be a trending topic on social media,’’ he said.

Zara Lawal, a professional makeup artist in Abuja, said that she would be disappointed in Kim if the marriage broke up.

“I have been following the trending topic of the possibility of Kim Kardashian filing for a divorce from Kanye West so soon, and I must say I will be very disappointed if that happens.

“I am a fan of Kim because, I see her as a beautiful woman with an excellent body and a great sense of style.

“I know this is her third marriage and I expect her to manage the third with all her might.

“The tabloids said that their sources informed them of the increase in complaints that Kim has been making to her friends about her marriage failing.

“She has always talked about how her friendship with Kanye was amazing and how they knew each other like the back of their hands.

“So, I don’t expect her to suddenly start complaining about his weird attitudes.

“She got married to her friend, so she should stick to his crazy life,” Lawal said.

Georgina Udofia, a fashion designer in Abuja, said that kardashian and West should ensure they fixed their marriage in order to prevent an expensive divorce.

“Kanye and Kim refused to sign a prenuptial agreement when they got married and that means that a divorce will make the richer spouse have to pay out the spouse with a lower income.

“Kanye is known to have a debt of almost one billion dollars and with that, Kim can lose a lot of money if she goes through with a divorce.

“So, I believe she is entrapped in this marriage,” Udofia said.

Grace Doma , an entrepreneur based in Abuja, said that the Kardashian-West divorce if real, would confirm that the Kardashian family was unstable.

“We look at all these beautiful celebrities and we see how men and women fight and wish to be with them, but the relationships never last.

“Kim had always talked about family and what a good marriage means to her, especially as her mother had managed her marriage well for a good period of time.

“Everyone made fun of her when she and her ex-husband, Chris Humphre, got a divorce after being married for just 72 days and everyone saw her and her family as unstable people.

“People laid off her issue when her marriage to Kanye lasted more than 72 days.

“But since she had bragged about how compatible they were, she will definitely be a laughing stock if she doesn’t spend at least three years with him,” Doma said.

West’s bizarre rant on the American talk show, Ellen DeGeneres’s was the latest incident of West’s string of embarrassing moments which had made Kardashian tired of covering and supporting him unnecessarily.

The spending pattern of the rapper and his high financial debt is confirmed to have gradually created tension in the marriage which has fueled divorce rumours.